I’ve just read some of the John Doerr book Measure What Matters as the latest title from the WB40 book club. I say “some of” because it’s a classic example to prove my theory that you only need to read the first three chapters of most business books. It’s good, though. You can hear Chris and my thoughts on this week’s show when it goes out tonight.

Anyway, Doerr’s tome explores the idea of OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – a model for driving performance used extensively at Intel and Google. I like the idea, so I’m going to try it out.

One of the key ideas is that OKRs should be public, so here’s what I think the Stamp (and therefore my) OKRs look like for the rest of 2018. They need some refining, but here’s a starting point. Feedback most welcomed!

Expand the CXO Priorities cards decks across the C-Suite

  • Work with Matt Desmier to create the CMO set
  • Identify collaborators to work on sets for the CFO, CHRO and possibly General Council
  • Get at least one other produced
  • Create a supporting book for each set containing a guide to each card and a series of games to play

Deliver “Tech for non-techies”

  • Create program content
  • Deliver first pilot run
  • Create brand and marketing resources starting with a web presence for the development process

Create the WB40 live event

  • Secure sponsor or alternative funding
  • Create 3 sessions
  • Get participant commitment

Continue to build the consulting business

  • 20% of time doing non-fee earning business development activity
  • 2 new clients engaged


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