Brain walking Retro

A quick set of field notes from a retro we ran this week to talk about an adapted facilitation technique called Brainwalking. This approach is perfect for allowing all involved to have a say on issues without having to talk over one another. Brain walking Brain walking was introduced to me by my wonderful colleague … Continue reading Brain walking Retro


There was a great article by Horace Dediu on his Asymco blog on Monday looking at some of the causes of how big organisations went from being early adopters of information technology to be late, or even laggards, in the past 10 years. My paraphrased take is that whilst the tech world has shifted from … Continue reading Insourcing

Hiding behind culture

I seem to hear the phrase Culture Change a fair bit at the moment. Increasingly I'm coming to the conclusion as it's used as a¬†shorthand for "people change we don't know how or can't be bothered to address". Changing people's behaviours is hard. But changing culture is even harder. To be honest, I'm coming to … Continue reading Hiding behind culture

21st Century Management recipe cards

For some time now I've been toying with the idea of writing a recipe book. Not recipes for food, but instead for how to manage and lead in organisations in the early 21st; a time where technology is changing, to a lesser or greater extent, how we communicate, and how we operate. Mostly this is … Continue reading 21st Century Management recipe cards