Weeknote 512: Forties

This week I have learned: fresh yeast is much nicer than dried.we have deployed a change and it is good.the permissions around sharing documents between organisations in Office 365 are a horrible, horrible mess.the serendipity of sharing and working out loud is where it's at.the World Cup of The Most Eighties Number One Single of … Continue reading Weeknote 512: Forties

Weeknote 511 – Seeking approval

This week I have learned: the board have approved the plan for the next few years.an amazing bread recipe.that I'm a member of the CIO 100.that a group of independent people to act as a sounding board is a very good idea.that I love the #GlobalCanteen.that I've got a lot of tweets to schedule this … Continue reading Weeknote 511 – Seeking approval

Getting a return

One of the most pervasive myths that stalks the boardrooms of organisations up and down the country is that investment in digital technology will save that organisation money. It stems from a number of factors, I think. The way in which we structure business cases in most organisations still shapes thinking about technology as a … Continue reading Getting a return

Weeknote 506: a fond farewell

This week I have learned: I think it is possible to have a "good" funeral. Or a "nice" one. Even though the underlying reasons are a bit crap. Take care, Aunty Jenny xxI don't think I could have possibly predicted quite how crap the eventual leaving of the EU looks like being. And I thought … Continue reading Weeknote 506: a fond farewell

Carpentry vs Gardening

On the long drive down the A303 to Somerset yesterday morning, I caught a show on Radio 4 that was exploring the concept of "over parenting". It was an interesting listen, and one thing in particular has been bouncing around my head since, a metaphor for describing two different styles of parenting: the carpenter or … Continue reading Carpentry vs Gardening

Shadowless IT

I've never been a big fan of the associations of the concept of "Shadow IT". It's been often portrayed as a bad thing, the result of a Corporate IT department that has lost control. Somehow that those pursuing alternatives to the mandated corporate systems are somehow furtively trying to undermine the power of authority. Ever … Continue reading Shadowless IT

CIO Archive: It’s a people thing

Orginally published on CIO.co.uk, April 2015. People skills in technology leaders are as important as ever. The abiding memory that I’ll have about this year’s CIO100 judging is how solid people skills were a differentiator for so many of the eventual top 10. What is worrying is how this should still be seen as exceptional … Continue reading CIO Archive: It’s a people thing