Future office

Right at the beginning of the recent article I posted about experiences of going back into an office recently I noted that there are many people for whom an office is a regular need, not a occasional diversion. I'm in the hugely privileged position to have space enough to work from home comfortably and productively. … Continue reading Future office

PlayCards Field notes: more games to play

Earlier in the week I got the chance to play with the PlayCards with a group of two-dozen technology leaders at this autumn’s IT Directors’ Forum. Whilst I’ve run a few games now online using virtual versions of the cards in Miro, this was the first time I was able to try out physical versions … Continue reading PlayCards Field notes: more games to play

Weeknote 555: viral repetition

This week I have learned: that that darn flowchart is back again (I love it really).many things about going into the office.that finding common ground is a way to change people's minds.that the podcast might be doing a retreat next year.that it's definitely autumn.that my ageing eyesight isn't so bad that I need bifocals. Yet.that … Continue reading Weeknote 555: viral repetition

The Semiotics of Software

"We need new systems. The old ones don't work. They're all fragmented and siloed. We need to work better together. We need to break the silos." That's a made up quote, but a recounting of a story that I have heard in many different organisations over many years now. And increasingly it feels like it's … Continue reading The Semiotics of Software

Weeknote 553: hierarchy

This week I have learned: to reflect on how hierarchy impacts on the way in which I think about things.that a quick response in the first instance doesn't help if then nothing happens.that Podcast Powered Projects are a thing again.the importance and significance of pronouns... I and my versus We and Our in particular.that there … Continue reading Weeknote 553: hierarchy

Bridging the divide

There's a lot of talk about "hybrid" working these days, but probably not a lot of clarity about what it actually might mean. For me there's one key question: how do you allow groups of people to effectively interact when some of them are sharing the same physical space and others are "dialling in". Traditionally … Continue reading Bridging the divide

Weeknote 549: Secondary School

This week I have learned: quite how much my eldest likes his new school blazer (how much? a lot)how the dynamics of a group can be shaped by so fewhow overwhelming complexity can becomethat the ethics project is right on trackthat I'm already missing Troythat petrol is really messythat I might have a publisherinevitably you … Continue reading Weeknote 549: Secondary School

Stages of digital transformation

One of my typically sarcastic tweets seemed to chime with people last week. https://twitter.com/ballantine70/status/1428628244052520968 Parking apps are becoming like Tribbles in the UK. They're cute and fluffy on the outside, but pose a distinct risk of overpopulating your smartphone. Unlike Tribbles, the also mostly offer a truly terrible user experience. They provide a good case … Continue reading Stages of digital transformation