Weeknote 567 – signs of momentum

This week I have learned: just when you thought the politics couldn't get any more contemptible, we have a crack down on train announcementsthat progress comes when you devolve powerthat I'm exploring the joy of the Amen break again"it's bad" doesn't universally motivatepressure exerts in strange waysa next level of bread making Next week: consolidation … Continue reading Weeknote 567 – signs of momentum

Minimum Viable Volume

The history of industrialization is a history of finding scale. Automation of processes so that capital investment in machinery could lead to increased productivity that would, in turn, deliver a return on the capital investment through cheaper to produce, better quality, higher volume goods. The "build it for the exit" model of digital business has … Continue reading Minimum Viable Volume

Weeknote 564: no “L”

This week I have learned: I need a breakThat shortbread is categorically the best biscuitThe value of a business caseThat the "constant disaster movie" vibe is getting very tiringSchadenfreude may be all we have in politics these daysWatford's longest clean sheet run comes from a viral infectionThere's always space for another Drum machine Next week: … Continue reading Weeknote 564: no “L”

Weeknote 561: surgical removal

This week I have learned: The experience of surgeryThe experience of how activity on one part of the body can impact othersThat good plans amount to nowt when they become realityThat providing advice is a nice thingThat saying goodbye is going to be hardThat good things can come from saying "yes" Next week: a year … Continue reading Weeknote 561: surgical removal


Ah, the annual business planning exercise. An art installation in the creative use of numbers. Organisations for the most part will go through such extended periods of financial contemplation every year, often about six months before a new financial year begins. Everyone guesses some numbers using intuition, past performance and the game that is "How … Continue reading Pipelines