Evolution, not intelligent design

Eight or so years ago, I found myself at a software developer event organised by the US company Twilio. If you are not familiar, Twilio provide software that allows other people building apps to connect their products and services to the telephone system. They enable you to integrate with voice and text messages without the … Continue reading Evolution, not intelligent design

Weeknote 520 – a decade’s worth

This week I have learned... the value of flotsam and jetsamhow much I enjoy running a workshoplists is what they were afterthat perhaps we should say "iterative or linear" rather than "agile or waterfall"that getting back into the book-writing is just about making a bit of time again that peer nudges helpthat the World Cup … Continue reading Weeknote 520 – a decade’s worth

Weeknote 519 – launched

This week I have learned: how to make gyozahow to build a snowmansometimes surprising outcomes come soon after disappointment.that the kids have probably had their fill of home schooling too.the all-time best TV theme is The Professionals.at the end of the day, a website is just a route in to a set of services.maps versus … Continue reading Weeknote 519 – launched

Weeknote 518: Balancing

This week I have learned: the value of sitting down and looking at the actual dataan awful lot about the Cambrian Mountainsthat there are map people and there are list peopleI'm just about staying on top of things with Microsoft TasksI need to explore more with Sharepoint ListsDescript might be life-changingI love a well-timed question … Continue reading Weeknote 518: Balancing

How we make WB-40

It's a bit over four years now since Chris Weston indulged me with a request to work together on a podcast. Having been involved with student radio in my university days (a really valuable introduction into audio production which helped massively), there had been an itch to be scratched. 170-something episodes, 100-something guests and a … Continue reading How we make WB-40

Weeknote 517: the thick of it

This week I have learned: occasionally you'll get an insight that totally changes how you approach a thorny challenge. Had one of those this week.I'm positively negative.I'm impatient.I flit between thinking I've become a misanthropic hermit and really, really missing people.Get your legal people and their legal people in the same meeting. Lay people trying … Continue reading Weeknote 517: the thick of it