The cost of failure

In the sheep-filled fields surrounding the Yorkshire Dales village of Threshfield where we spent last week on holiday, we stumbled across some strange earth workings whilst out walking with the kids. Built between 1900 and 1902 at the peak of the speculative railway building in the UK, the Yorkshire Dales Railway was hardly a rip-roaring … Continue reading The cost of failure

Weeknote 495 – sticky fingers

This week I have learned: why they put health and safety notices on the back of product packagingthat I've yet to find a sector where everyone rants and raves about the incumbent industry Line of Business software providersthat maybe all language is metaphorthere are definitely some metaphors where people generally don't understand the original meaning. … Continue reading Weeknote 495 – sticky fingers

Weeknote 494: Changing Tack

This week I have learned: the language that people use in CVs is almost always utter tosh. All one generally learns is how unwilling people are to leave the herd.I feel that I am on the precipice of some really important work.getting people to stop doing things is an underrated part of transformation.I cannot stress … Continue reading Weeknote 494: Changing Tack

Back to back

People are getting overloaded with meetings. There's no two ways about it. A combination of the lack of informal conversations in office environments plus the ease of organising meetings with online diaries multiplied by there no longer being the limiting factor of "no meeting room available" means that for many of us there is no … Continue reading Back to back

Weeknote 492 – housebound

This week I have learned: that a combination of rain and back to back meetings means I've barely left the house this week.there is a fine line between therapeutic and annoying.parent/child relationships exist all over the place. Often switching mid's one thing to know what you need to do, but quite another to convince … Continue reading Weeknote 492 – housebound

Weeknote 491: raining

This week I have learned: whilst there is obviously no causal relationship between me buying a device to open up the skylight in my office, and it raining consistently ever since, it does feel like there is.Teddington Lock last Friday night was like Sodom and Gomorrah. Goodness only knows what the pubs reopening is going … Continue reading Weeknote 491: raining

The trouble with being email

There was a full-blooded attack on poor customer service experience yesterday evening on the BBC's One Show Watchdog concession. The gist of the episode was that many organisations seem to be remarkably unwilling to allow customers to use email as a channel with which to communicate, and this results in people having to spend interminable … Continue reading The trouble with being email

Weeknote 487: facing up to the past

This week I have learned: we all need to take a stand.that when events start to reinforce the message that you have been giving, it's not necessarily reassuringthat parakeets appear to have had enough and are now regularly dive-bombing our back windows to a certain death.lockdown continues to take its emotional toll, particularly on our … Continue reading Weeknote 487: facing up to the past