Weeknote 374: Hanging around

This week I have learned: Yes, I'm shallow. Getting a daft one liner on The Poke gives me immense satisfaction. #famousfor15tweets Looking at complex things makes me want to break them down and codify them. It feels like it helps, but I'm never quite sure. I don't understand America and gun laws. I never will. … Continue reading Weeknote 374: Hanging around

Weeknote 373: four one

This week I have learned: every time, just every time I think that my support is waning something happens that reminds me once again why I'm a Watford fan. we continue to discover new technologies that it's hoped will supersede the need to change behaviours as a separate activity. They're so alluring. I should read … Continue reading Weeknote 373: four one

Weeknote 372: from port to port

This week I have learned: it's sod's law when faced with a crazy busy week I get my first actual cold of the season. warm feedback from unexpected quarters out of the blue - what's not to like? I'm seriously thinking about a new tier of client charging for when work inhabits my dreams. If … Continue reading Weeknote 372: from port to port

Weeknote 371: press start

This week I have learned: - there is much to be said for this weeknoting lark. A number of people around me seen to be using it as a gateway into working out loud. - there is a fine line between working out loud and rampant self-publicity - Tim Berners-Lee followed in his mother's footsteps … Continue reading Weeknote 371: press start

Weeknote 370: and the winner is…

This week I have learned: structured procurement exercises are obviously fantastic things (a 20% chance of me saying that). it was long time I went from "we" to "I" in how I represented myself and stamp. The brochure site now duly updated. WB-40's move into WhatsApp seems to be paying dividends. Join the conversation at http://bit.ly/WB40WhatsApp I … Continue reading Weeknote 370: and the winner is…

Weeknote 368: new year

This week I have learned: I really ought to have paid more attention to my DNS settings. Oh well, lesson learned. 525GB of SSD costs just £125. Laptop duly upgraded. I always feel happier with hardware I can take the lid off and, more importantly, successfully put back on, I guess in a similar way … Continue reading Weeknote 368: new year

Weeknote 367: Yearnote 2017

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun. We'll look to the future previously. 2017 has been an interesting year. It started with a trio of departures that by the end of it left me on the brink of a Mid Life Crisis (TM). Sitting in Aviation House, then home of GDS, on January 12 … Continue reading Weeknote 367: Yearnote 2017

Weeknote 365: A year’s worth

This week I have learned: Anyone who throws insults at single parents should try being a single parent for a short period of time. Running sessions via video and web is so much more tiring that running them in person. I'm getting even more curmudgeonly about the use of the word "Talent" when people really … Continue reading Weeknote 365: A year’s worth