#SAE March – A short poem about life

Through the month of February, the wonderful Steve Chapman has been running a daily artistic event #WTFeb. On February 18th the challenge was this: Today’s challenge is to create a minimalist three line poem to express your own instructions for living a life inspired by the wonderful Mary Oliver poem “Instructions for Living a Life” … Continue reading #SAE March – A short poem about life

Weeknote 523 – 5 days

This week I have learned: the appeal of Japanese fox-based metaphors (cheers Mr Wilshire!)the power of listening to the stories customers want to tell.that The Bullingdon Club really are the crème de la crème.that Data is moving up the agenda.that you really need to know why.that standing is the new sitting. Or something. Next week: … Continue reading Weeknote 523 – 5 days

#SAE February – Kevlar Speaker Cone

It's my old friend Dan's fault, this one. Back in the 1990s, when he and I were sharing a house in Dalston, we shared the living room with a ginormous pair of 1970s speakers that he'd picked up a few years previously, second hand. They weighed a tonne, they had tweeters in little cages sitting … Continue reading #SAE February – Kevlar Speaker Cone

Weeknote 516 – back to it

This week I have learned this week: How to use SignalThere's no such thing as "just" an ERP upgradeIT doesn't save money. Stopping spending money saves moneyIt's going to be a long three monthsBut at least we have World Cups to see us through Next week: getting some consensus on focus The last few weeks … Continue reading Weeknote 516 – back to it

#SAE January – TR808 Buttons

I've been tinkering with electronic music since my teens - at first a Roland TR505 drum machine and a Casio CZ-101 keyboard. And then in about 1987 I managed to swap my keyboard for a Roland TR808. I can vividly remember heading to Watford Junction station to pick up the package from the Red Star … Continue reading #SAE January – TR808 Buttons

Weeknote 514: the slow descent

This week I have learned... sometimes you just need to present things in a different way for them to make sense.January is shaping up to be a VERY BUSY MONTH.more about the Housing Data Standardthat maybe "what you would do if you were forced into an emergency response" should just be your planthat as of … Continue reading Weeknote 514: the slow descent

#SAE December – the BBC Micro Owl

So where better to begin this project than an image that pretty much encapsulates the beginnings of what I occasionally refer to as my "career". I learned to use a computer back in the 1980s using a BBC Micro. Sitting just above the keyboard, under a slip of perspex with holes drilled out for the … Continue reading #SAE December – the BBC Micro Owl

51 for 50 – The Final Countdown

So there we are. 51 albums. 51 calendar years. And my 50th birthday on Saturday. It wasn't the year that any of us were expecting. And as a result of the minor inconvenience of a global pandemic, my options for a venue for celebrating my 50th are somewhat limited. So it's going to happen on … Continue reading 51 for 50 – The Final Countdown