Weeknote 334: Minimum Viable AVH

This week I have learned: apparently if you are managing a big office block on occasions after it rains it then pours. I am unspeakably chuffed to have had not one but two acknowledgements in Julia Hobsbawm's new book Fully Connected very excited to also have become a mentor for https://talkingcircles.co as part of http://drivewithbelron.com/ the work on Minimum … Continue reading Weeknote 334: Minimum Viable AVH

Weeknote 332: plate spinning

This week I have learned: - the remarkable temptation to find out the answer - the equal force of wanting to maintain ambiguity - I am not cognitively built to make decisions about home furnishings - you never quite know what dynamic will result from bringing a group of competitors into the same room - … Continue reading Weeknote 332: plate spinning

“And you return the favour”

When I started a job as a consultant for a management training company back in 2005, I vividly remember a conversation over dinner with my school friend Cath. “I don't know how you could do that. Whenever I go on training courses I spend the whole time petrified that the trainer is going to point at … Continue reading “And you return the favour”

Weeknote 329: juniper

This week I have learned: how to make gin that games without rules tend to pan out in ways you don't quite expect those fondest of military metaphors are possibly most likely to get cross when it's suggested to try something else ExCeL London is rather long dumb asides in front of a journalist can cost … Continue reading Weeknote 329: juniper

Weeknote 327: playing around

This week I have learned: that I have apparently become a product owner (interim) that the key to improvisation is listening (thanks to Neil Mullarky) that Customer Experience should maybe become an optional extra that I bloody love radio Next week: trying to work out what being a product owner (interim) actually means, and a … Continue reading Weeknote 327: playing around