Weeknote 567 – signs of momentum

This week I have learned: just when you thought the politics couldn't get any more contemptible, we have a crack down on train announcementsthat progress comes when you devolve powerthat I'm exploring the joy of the Amen break again"it's bad" doesn't universally motivatepressure exerts in strange waysa next level of bread making Next week: consolidation … Continue reading Weeknote 567 – signs of momentum

Weeknote 566 – delayed gratification

This week I have learned: at last someone has engaged with my SAE project. The long burn...introductions from trusted friends are always good. A new set of Priorities cards - provisionally entitled Inclusion Priorities - are on their way.and another set, with a chance to work with a big software company to play some games … Continue reading Weeknote 566 – delayed gratification

Weeknote 565: back to it

This week I have learned: that PlayCards need to take another pivot - either to a new format, a new publishing route, or into gentle retirementthat resilience is just another way of saying "don't burst into tears"that negotiation "hardball" necessitates having a very good understanding of the other sides' perspective for risk of finding that … Continue reading Weeknote 565: back to it

Weeknote 563 – the medium of dance

This week I have learned: that I bought a lot of books this yearthat we could replace Powerpoint with Interpretative Dancethat writing lists helpsthat I think everyone probably is in need of a bit of a breakthat it's nice to be on someone else's podcastthat there's something special about hardware synthsthat John Wilshire makes lovely … Continue reading Weeknote 563 – the medium of dance

Weeknote 557 – accomodation

This week I have learned - how to intervene when a colleague inadvertantly steps into a world of prejudicial stereotypesthat we maybe need to think about long noses when we think about generational differencesthat I need to think more about radiating intent rather than begging forgivenessthat we may be waiting a little longerthat it was … Continue reading Weeknote 557 – accomodation

Weeknote 556 – eventing

This week I have learned: the joy of being able to run sessions with cards in personthat the podcast is good fun on the road, but never trust another sound guythe unforeseen consequences of psychological safetythat I'll be panelling with the best of them in Manchester the week after nextthat 30 years after helping to … Continue reading Weeknote 556 – eventing