Weeknote 391: Calcio

This week I have learned: the sheer bloody opulence that 18th and 19th century wealth was able to afford. that Facebook's Workplace products biggest competitor is probably WhatsApp. Which is a problem for them. I bloody love the World Cup. I also love the new Watford kit. IKEA is basically Lego for grown-ups. An idea … Continue reading Weeknote 391: Calcio

Weeknote 387: Maths Co-processor

This week I have learned: My ability to think on my feet is still pretty good. The competitive spirit that can be provoked in many people who work in corporates leaves me bemused. Working out loud is such an alien concept to so many people. The fear of something so often is so much greater … Continue reading Weeknote 387: Maths Co-processor

Weeknote 385 – there’s no helping some people

This week I have learned: No matter what help you offer, some men just don't understand how current actions reinforce existing societal biases. It's difficult to perceive privilege from a position of privilege, I guess. There again, some men are just massive arseholes. The free delivery option on Amazon is a bizarre thing, and mostly … Continue reading Weeknote 385 – there’s no helping some people

Weeknote 384: Launching

This week I have learned: launching something new is nerve-wracking. When it becomes obvious that a few people seem to like it, it all becomes worthwhile. Hello @Drawpod! I really need to edit the second episode... writing staff policies might actually be more interesting than it at first sounds.... and the delights of working out … Continue reading Weeknote 384: Launching

Weeknote 382: starting up

This week I have learned: I love the initiation phases of work. Starting up. Taking from idea to actual thing. The best bit about the podcast is the licence to go and chat with interesting people. There are some seriously dysfunctional things happening in the name of risk mitigation. If decisions made on quantitative data … Continue reading Weeknote 382: starting up

Weeknote 380: running out of steam

This week I have learned: This year so far has been busy. A couple of major projects running up to Easter has left me very much in need of the break. Good, but tired. I love running training events. They're exhausting, but there's real sense of achievement in a very short period of time. Eczema … Continue reading Weeknote 380: running out of steam

Weeknote 379: Welsh Wales

This week I have learned: of the unbelievable chutzpah that Blockchain startups have got to package sweet FA into a series of randomised buzzwords that leave otherwise reasonably intelligent professionals in a state of confusion and thinking "Well, it's so hard there must be something in it." that the view from the 40th Floor of … Continue reading Weeknote 379: Welsh Wales