Weeknote 382: starting up

This week I have learned: I love the initiation phases of work. Starting up. Taking from idea to actual thing. The best bit about the podcast is the licence to go and chat with interesting people. There are some seriously dysfunctional things happening in the name of risk mitigation. If decisions made on quantitative data … Continue reading Weeknote 382: starting up

Weeknote 380: running out of steam

This week I have learned: This year so far has been busy. A couple of major projects running up to Easter has left me very much in need of the break. Good, but tired. I love running training events. They're exhausting, but there's real sense of achievement in a very short period of time. Eczema … Continue reading Weeknote 380: running out of steam

Weeknote 379: Welsh Wales

This week I have learned: of the unbelievable chutzpah that Blockchain startups have got to package sweet FA into a series of randomised buzzwords that leave otherwise reasonably intelligent professionals in a state of confusion and thinking "Well, it's so hard there must be something in it." that the view from the 40th Floor of … Continue reading Weeknote 379: Welsh Wales

Weeknote 378: feedback (with Roger Bolton)

This week I have learned: Last week 6 Music, this Radio 4 It's nice to know when the good people get recognition I really don't understand the fashion for office dogs Government is going off the rails in so many ways It's all about the people. Repeat. It's all about the people. Next week: Welsh … Continue reading Weeknote 378: feedback (with Roger Bolton)

Weeknote 377: Cuckoo Blogging

This week I have learned: sometimes there are problems that you just end up staring at. Staring, and staring, and staring. And then something clicks and you realise that it wasn't nearly as complicated as you first thought. That today, apparently, Lauren Laverne made reference on her show to my flow chart. That makes me … Continue reading Weeknote 377: Cuckoo Blogging

Weeknote 375: binge

This week I have learned: how to binge on Podcasts (Richard Herring's RHLSTP) And on Netflix (The Crown & Black Mirror) CIOs need to stretch their ideas That maybe we should book meeting rooms like we do hotel rooms- specify your needs but get allocated at time of use. Or maybe we should just discourage … Continue reading Weeknote 375: binge

Play Games (2)

Last week I wrote up one of the games I've been playing with groups, here's the next one... Game - Competing objectives Objective: organisations are often trying to get teams working together more effectively. Yet at the same time those same organisations will set individual and team objectives in such a way that makes effective … Continue reading Play Games (2)

Weeknote 374: Hanging around

This week I have learned: Yes, I'm shallow. Getting a daft one liner on The Poke gives me immense satisfaction. #famousfor15tweets Looking at complex things makes me want to break them down and codify them. It feels like it helps, but I'm never quite sure. I don't understand America and gun laws. I never will. … Continue reading Weeknote 374: Hanging around

Weeknote 373: four one

This week I have learned: every time, just every time I think that my support is waning something happens that reminds me once again why I'm a Watford fan. we continue to discover new technologies that it's hoped will supersede the need to change behaviours as a separate activity. They're so alluring. I should read … Continue reading Weeknote 373: four one