51 for 50 – 2001

Roots Manuva was the first time that I heard an authentically British hip hop voice. Something that made sense... Lyrics like "Taskmaster burst the bionic zit-splitterBreakneck speeds we down ten pints of bitter" are not the sort of things that come out of New York rapper. It's a bit like how all American films seem … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 2001

Weeknote 489: bolt upright

This week I've learned: do I spend too much energy trying to make other people happy?we really should have turned the WB-40 Donate Page on earlier.the relentless tide of meetings is starting to get to all of us.football eh? Ask me again after the 12.30 kickoff on Saturday.being asked by someone to mentor them is … Continue reading Weeknote 489: bolt upright

51 for 50 – 1998

Making Bones is an album I'd completely forgotten about until making this list, and more is the pity. A mix of hip hop, drum and bass and a heavy side helping of jazz. Pretty much perfectly sums up my listening in the late 90s. https://open.spotify.com/album/43T9blwnSifY6kro3uZUFe?si=9VtBsZpHSse4FVRqY3YEHw You can see the #51for50 project to date here: https://mmitii.mattballantine.com/category/projects/51-for-50/

Weeknote 488: rock turning

This week I have learned: I think my core purpose in life is bringing communities of people together. I certainly get an immense sense of pride from doing it.That 29 years after I founded the Student Radio Association with a bunch of other folk in a draughty lecture hall at Loughborough University, the organisation is … Continue reading Weeknote 488: rock turning

51 for 50 – 1996

In my hip-hop obsessed teens, alongside the Run DMCs and Mantronixs, I had a special thing for the cut-up merchants like Double Dee and Steinski and I guess to an extent people like The Art of Noise. Beats and pieces sampled and scratched together to produce audio collages. Roll forward into my music-obsessed twenties, and … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 1996