Weeknote 542: meeting up

This week I have learned: that the WB40 audience are great drinking buddies.the dangers of putting additional capacity into a flaky system.the wonders of serendipity.that my kids make me very proud.that it's all about the personal brand.the liberating effect of driving a white van.some people simply don't get the power and influence that they inherit … Continue reading Weeknote 542: meeting up

Weeknote 541: triggered

This week I have learned: I don't think it's possible for me to have a detached, unemotional conversation about performance management processes. The two years at the end of the forced curved period at Microsoft have scarred me.That hopefully Southgate's progressive agenda that started with that remarkable letter at the beginning of the Euros will … Continue reading Weeknote 541: triggered

PlayCards Field Notes: a game for teams to explore innovation skills and gaps

This morning I ran a session in which I took my team through an exercise to explore skills and capabilities that we have as we beginning a massive programme of change in the organisation. Here's a few notes on the objectives, the structure and how it went... The Objectives The team has recently expanded with … Continue reading PlayCards Field Notes: a game for teams to explore innovation skills and gaps

The Play Book is Dead. Long Live PlayCards!

After a long old journey, I've made the decision to stop working (Deviate: Disrupt yourself) on the book that's been my pet project for the past few years. If it had been meant to be, it would have happened by now. Being busy at work is part of the issue, but more broadly my thinking … Continue reading The Play Book is Dead. Long Live PlayCards!

#Weeknotes 533: trade offs

This week I have learned: that four day weeks can involve five days of workthat I've become a little bit interested in F1 thanks to the Netflix behind the scenes showthat the idea of sitting outside of a pub in this weather has zero appealthat contracting should be a collaborative activityas should planningmy extended team … Continue reading #Weeknotes 533: trade offs

#SAE May – Harry Hornet

The 1970s were a period during which Watford Football Club went through a number of iterations of the club crest. A time before shirt sponsors, and sometimes even kit manufacturers' logos, by 1978 the Club settled on something that is vaguely the same as what is worn on the kit today, a shield containing what … Continue reading #SAE May – Harry Hornet