Weeknote 587: new boy

This week I have learned: that despite the worries (and my inherent republicanism), helping to organise the Jubilee Street Party was a delight and completely rewarding. I can't walk from one end of the street to the other now without saying hello to someone I now know.the 90-minute commute into town is refreshing in some … Continue reading Weeknote 587: new boy

Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

This week I have learned: there seems to be far more conversation in the world about starting things than ending things. Ending things is hard. Will write more about it soon.by running a session with a law firm, I was able to give the PlayCards another go. I have missed running workshops in person. It's … Continue reading Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

Weeknote 575: A good walk

This week I have learned: the power of taking the team out for a good walk, even if it was pissing down.that I have synth lust.that aligning strands across a whole programme is a challenge of mathematical proportions.that I completely forgot it was St Pats.Foccacia is the art of olive oil saturation points. Next week: … Continue reading Weeknote 575: A good walk

Weeknote 574: in office

This week I have learned: that I appreciate my friends more than ever.that when you live 25 minutes walk away from an office, it's perfectly possible to go in for a few things, not a whole day.but when diaries get structured around Teams calls finding 25 minute slots for walking can be a challenge.football is … Continue reading Weeknote 574: in office

Weeknote 573: editing

This week I have learned: How irony maybe doesn't translate.That we are only doing WB-40 for the love of it.That managing diaries in a hybrid world is going to be exponentially difficult.That playing with cards on a flat surface opens up other dimensions (thanks Nick!)That sometimes models based around alliteration can get a bit, erm, … Continue reading Weeknote 573: editing