Weeknote 356: raining clients

This week I have learned: the power of pictures, even scrappy, hand drawn pictures, in communicating a message that my business is expanding into Europe. Time to get the Irish passport... that my best sales tool is probably an ability to stand up and tell a half-funny story that Twitter Blankety Blank is awesome. Next … Continue reading Weeknote 356: raining clients

Blindly Following Rules

Every year to accompany the Silicon Beach event, those speaking are asked to contribute to a book that is distributed to all attendees. Here's my contribution... A good friend of mine and I enjoy a heated debate. She’s an accountant with opinions. I’m a gob-shite. We both like a glass or two of red with … Continue reading Blindly Following Rules

Weeknote 353: user experience

This week I have learned: The temptation to make cloud like problems subject to clock like analysis is relentless in organisations. Two weeks left before Silicon Beach and I think I have my story straight. I struggle to understand people who don't understand that all politics is how suspended because of Brexit. Next week the … Continue reading Weeknote 353: user experience

The no-notebook experiment: day 5

One of the things I noted early on about my use of paper notepads was how it often serves the role of a mobile flip chart. I draw (not particularly well) to help explain or explore ideas with others. One of my big bugbears with using web conferencing services like Hangouts is the loss of … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 5

The no-notebook experiment: day 4

Following on from Wednesday’s experiments in marking up documents I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Evernote works better for me than OneNote. To an extent this is a choice akin to a Moleskine over a Leuctturm1917, mostly in the aesthetics. But there are a few points to rationalise it... OneNote doesn’t support the … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 4