Weeknote 478: business as unusual

This week I have learned: the power of saying thank you.that we need to start to think about the things we want to keep about "in the office" working, rather than just obsessing about the things we want to change.in the absence of informal communication, diaries are becoming increasingly crammed, making informal communication even harder.that … Continue reading Weeknote 478: business as unusual

Weeknote 476: the lurgy

This week I have learned: boy things can escalate quickly.I miss my wife. I really, really hope she gets home this weekend.I am really, really pleased to be part of a team. The loneliness that I started to feel overwhelming towards the end of my contracting time would be crushing now. I feel for so … Continue reading Weeknote 476: the lurgy

51 for 50 – 1986

There are a couple of proper full-on legends in music that I’ve seen live. One was Leonard Bernstein, who I saw conduct at a BBC Prom in the late 1980s at the Royal Albert Hall. The other, twice, was trumpeter Miles Davis. He was a brooding presence on stage, the centre of attention in sparkly … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 1986

Weeknote 475: COVID

This week I have learned: The world really has gone a little bit hatstandRugby is a very odd gameCOVID might provide the most remarkable catalyst to drive more remote and flexible workingBut making sure the haters don't hate is going to be the keyCatching up with my LEF chums is always brain-stretching (in a good … Continue reading Weeknote 475: COVID

51 for 50 – 1985

In the summer of (I think) 1987 I went up to Yorkshire to spend a week on a thing called Musicamp. Organised by a music teacher and brass player called Mortimer Rhind-Tutt (I’m assuming some sort of relation of the actor Julian), a bunch of kids from the Watford and Maidenhead areas got together to … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 1985

Weeknote 474: housing technology

This week I have learned: Start the week with a bit of random artistic endeavourThat Housing Technology appears to be in a -15 year timewarpThat a Prius catalytic converter is both resell-able and extremely steal-ableThe Meeting Owl is rather goodMicroservices are the new snake oilI've got a cold. No, it's really just a coldThree-way on … Continue reading Weeknote 474: housing technology

Weeknote 473: boards

This week I have learned: sometimes if you go back to old tools and techniques then you can unlock whatever it is you are banging your head againsta problem shared (etc)there's an interesting argument that I must write up that the advent of cloud has led to a decade of crap ITmaybe I need a … Continue reading Weeknote 473: boards