Upcoming event appearances…

There are a few events in the diary over the coming months... I'm running seminars at the IT Directors' Forum in a fortnight on a boat. You can preview the materials for that here, and I plan to have a video of the content available next week. I'm currently in conversation with ComputerWorld about appearing at … Continue reading Upcoming event appearances…

seven stories – Silicon Beach 2013

On Friday afternoon I'm going to be presenting at the 2013 Silicon Beach event. Unless I have a massive change of heart between now and then, the following is roughly what I'm going to be saying. If you're attending the event, really, really, this is what I'm going to be saying so don't read the … Continue reading seven stories – Silicon Beach 2013

Silicon Beach 2013 – The World Isn’t Flat

In the first week of September, I'm going to be speaking at the wonderful Silicon Beach conference in (hopefully still) sunny Bournemouth. The following article isn't my talk, but sets up what I will be talking about - the importance of empathy in design (and ways to achieve it). If you are interested in coming … Continue reading Silicon Beach 2013 – The World Isn’t Flat

Communities – The Marketer Webinar

You can now access a recording of the webinar here http://www.themarketer.co.uk/knowledge-centre/webinars/digital-communities-how-marketers-can-engage-and-utilise-crowds/ You can find the narrative and slides for today's The Marketer webinar here. I'm also running a free webinar on the evening of  18th June to test out some content that I'm developing at part of my side project, Stamp. You can find out … Continue reading Communities – The Marketer Webinar

Community thinking

On June 5th I'm giving another short presentation as part of The Marketer's series of webinars, this time on the subject of online communities. Here's roughly what I will be saying (as ever, if you are attending and you read this in advance, you'll only be spoiling it for yourself!)... When I was first asked … Continue reading Community thinking

Upcoming events – June 2013

I've got a couple of public events coming up in the next month if you're interested: I'm running a short online presentation for The Marketer magazine on the subject of Online Communities on June 5th 1-2pm London time. You can register for that here, and if you are a CIM member it can count towards … Continue reading Upcoming events – June 2013