Digital parking

Parking in the UK is a big business. In 2015-2016, according to research undertaken by the RAC Foundation, UK local authorities charged motorists in excess of ¬£1.5bn and generating a cash surplus of around ¬£0.75bn for parking their cars. But the process of paying for parking is a ramshackle and expensive affair. There are pay … Continue reading Digital parking

Play Games (2)

Last week I wrote up one of the games I've been playing with groups, here's the next one... Game - Competing objectives Objective: organisations are often trying to get teams working together more effectively. Yet at the same time those same organisations will set individual and team objectives in such a way that makes effective … Continue reading Play Games (2)

Making time for play

I heard a terribly depressing thing from one of my clients yesterday: We don't have time for the luxury of play It's a sentiment that I hear in one way or another from many of the organisations with which I work. That the Calvinist ethic of hard work has lead to a focus on efficiency … Continue reading Making time for play

The power of being totally confused

There are two moments in my life that have stuck with me since as some of the most intense and visceral memories I possess. The first was when I was around seven years old. I was at school, Watford Fields, a draughty old Victorian place where I was from five to eight. We arrived as … Continue reading The power of being totally confused

The ubiquitous inbox

Back in my later days at BBC Worldwide in the early 2000s, I commissioned a piece of research to look at the habits that our staff had in their use of file storage and email. The work, looking back, was relatively unusual. I brought in a social scientist to do a piece of ethnographic research … Continue reading The ubiquitous inbox

The middle of the journey

I'm currently reading Tim Harford's excellent new tome Fifty Things that made the Modern Economy. Based on his BBC Radio series, it charts ideas and objects that have created the world around us today. Some of them are obvious (the Light Bulb), some of them less so (the Billy Bookcase). In his description of the … Continue reading The middle of the journey

The importance of friction

Someone somewhere in Silicon Valley right now... Yeah, so like, what we wanted to do was to reinvent the brake. There's just too much friction invoked with brakes. Users don't want friction. They want frictionless. They crave frictionless. So we took the friction out of brakes. These are brakes re-invented. Stopping 2.0.  Because, like, who … Continue reading The importance of friction