Technology, change and the rule of three

Maybe it's just the undue influence of De La Soul in my youth, but there's something about the Rule of Three that I find compelling. Ideas that come in threes just seem... right(er). I've been thinking very hard in the last few weeks about how to bring together an approach that can take us into … Continue reading Technology, change and the rule of three

Transcribing workshop outputs – the PostIt App

It's not often I get properly excited about new software. Maybe that's a function of age. Maybe a function of a cynical outlook. But when I started up the PostIt app yesterday, I was genuinely excited about the new feature that the app (which is free) has added - handwriting transcription. If you aren't familiar, … Continue reading Transcribing workshop outputs – the PostIt App

What are your algorithms?

Over the Christmas break, one of the many things I read was Hannah Fry's book about algorithms, Hello World. It's a cracking exploration in non-technical terms about the world of algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Early on in the book, Hannah describes how all algorithms do one or more of the following things: Prioritization … Continue reading What are your algorithms?

Diversity & Innovation

A couple of weeks ago I did a bit of an experiment at the 2019 Tech Leaders Summit. Here's the transcript...   Matt Ballantine When I was asked by the organisers to convene a panel on the subjects of innovation, there were a couple of things that were going through my mind first, This was … Continue reading Diversity & Innovation

Harnessing Diversity

A couple of months ago I was asked by the organisers of the Tech Leaders Summit if I could pull together a panel discussion on the theme of digital innovation. A few things struck me. First of all, that having become increasingly aware of and now refusing to take part in all-male panels, if I was going … Continue reading Harnessing Diversity

Reframing problems

My younger son can get overly focused on things. A couple of days ago it was the Eight Queens Puzzle. The puzzle is relatively simple to explain. You need to place eight chess queens onto a chessboard in such a way that no piece can take another piece. There are millions of permutations of how … Continue reading Reframing problems

The Creativator

"A bit like a fruit machine" were the words that my co-conspirator Simon White muttered as we sat around my dining table planning out an innovation programme for a client. He was describing a technique that he had developed to help people generate ideas, based around using three categories from which random entries could be … Continue reading The Creativator

Innovation in 4 diagrams – the summary

Over the past six years, I've been working with all sorts of clients in all sorts of sectors. I'm constantly adapting and iterating my approaches from the work that I do, and here's where I am currently at when it comes to helping my clients to establish models and approaches to do things differently. This … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – the summary

Innovation in 4 diagrams – 4. The Skills of the Bricoleur

Now we have established that there are different approaches required for doing things where we don't know the solution, to those when we do, let's now unpack that skill set. Let's look at the Skills of the Bricoleur. First of all there is a collective mindset required, that which wants to Collaborate. Working Out Loud … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – 4. The Skills of the Bricoleur