Just recommend!

I've banged on for many years about the weird cult that is Net Promoter Score, a magical metric with organisational healing powers. In one number, it is claimed, the mysteries of business can be unlocked. Ask your customers their likelihood to recommend you and wealth and prosperity will be yours. Except... The world of recommendations … Continue reading Just recommend!

Brown Bag Conversations

In 2023 I will continue exploring ideas about how relationship-building works in the increasingly hybrid working environment in which we now find ourselves. Whilst there is a wealth of information and people talking about how organisations embrace the new world of office work, the coverage given to inter-organisational working is not as explicit. Many professional … Continue reading Brown Bag Conversations

The sales sieve

Occasionally there are conversations I have that stick in my mind for years and years. One of those such conversations was when I met up for lunch with a former-BBC and Microsoft colleague Mark a few years ago. "It's not a sales funnel," said Mark. "It's a sales sieve." Mark explained that whilst sales teams … Continue reading The sales sieve

Why I struggle with online events

I spent some time last week with someone involved in business development for a tech consulting firm. The starting point was a question about what sorts of things might attract people to participate in online events. This isn’t quite how the conversation went, but it does recall some of the challenges I think online event … Continue reading Why I struggle with online events

Successful online events

A question came up about what makes for a successful online event on one of the many WhatsApp groups of which I'm a member. Here are my thoughts... First off, what's really of value to participants at an event? Maybe for some it's the content, but for many the content is just an excuse to … Continue reading Successful online events

The value, not the thing

There is an interesting phenomenon that I'm noticing with many groups with whom I work at the moment. If you ask people what it is that their "customers" (the people to whom they provide a product or service) need their services for, they will (more often than not) reply with a description of their service, … Continue reading The value, not the thing

Innovation in 4 diagrams – 3. The Play Matrix

Having taken a look at the products and services that you offer, it's now time to look at how you gear to deliver change and innovation. Essentially all of this is a response to a somewhat oxymoronic question I've been asked on a number of occasions over the years: We want to be innovative. Can … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – 3. The Play Matrix

Virtually reality

My esteemed former colleague Euan Semple published an interesting little video on YouTube yesterday. I think I've seen the "Ambulance Drone" clip before, but through my new-found PRTech lenses, I smelt something of a rat, and called it out. "Spoilsport" said Euan, quite rightly. https://youtu.be/y-rEI4bezWc For the record, Ambulance Drone was a design concept from a … Continue reading Virtually reality