The value, not the thing

There is an interesting phenomenon that I'm noticing with many groups with whom I work at the moment. If you ask people what it is that their "customers" (the people to whom they provide a product or service) need their services for, they will (more often than not) reply with a description of their service, … Continue reading The value, not the thing

Innovation in 4 diagrams – 3. The Play Matrix

Having taken a look at the products and services that you offer, it's now time to look at how you gear to deliver change and innovation. Essentially all of this is a response to a somewhat oxymoronic question I've been asked on a number of occasions over the years: We want to be innovative. Can … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – 3. The Play Matrix

Virtually reality

My esteemed former colleague Euan Semple published an interesting little video on YouTube yesterday. I think I've seen the "Ambulance Drone" clip before, but through my new-found PRTech lenses, I smelt something of a rat, and called it out. "Spoilsport" said Euan, quite rightly. For the record, Ambulance Drone was a design concept from a … Continue reading Virtually reality

The unstoppable rise of PRTech

My LEF colleague Dave Aron posted about a fast food drone delivery service a couple of days ago. Having been recently reading James Garvey's takedown of the PR industry The Persuaders, it got me thinking about how there is an increasing breed of technology publicised these days which, for want of a better term, one could call … Continue reading The unstoppable rise of PRTech

Elementary, my dear Watson

I've been becoming increasingly bemused by the masterful example of technology marketing that is IBM Watson. It's a great (and rare) example of a tech company building a strong brand around a very esoteric set of concepts. Just about everything coming out of Big Blue seems to have the Watson brand slapped across it at … Continue reading Elementary, my dear Watson


During my recent research project, which I continue to write up into a coherent report for the lovely people at the LEF, one of the conversations that appeared to happen again and again with my interviewees went along the lines of: Me: "Would I be able to attribute this conversation to you?" Them: "I'd love … Continue reading Uncommunicative

The rise of automotive

Every so often I like to play around with some data. Call it data jazz... (that's only semi-serious). Anyway, yesterday I was looking at the Interbrand Top 100 brands, and was wondering how they have changed over time? I constantly hear factoids about how company lifecycles are getting shorter and the world is speeding up. But … Continue reading The rise of automotive