Digital parking

Parking in the UK is a big business. In 2015-2016, according to research undertaken by the RAC Foundation, UK local authorities charged motorists in excess of £1.5bn and generating a cash surplus of around £0.75bn for parking their cars. But the process of paying for parking is a ramshackle and expensive affair. There are pay … Continue reading Digital parking

Not from my tenant.

I was in a presentation earlier this week where a senior person from a rather idiosyncratic but large public organisation talked about their experiences of migrating to Microsoft Office 365. There were interesting and honest reflections, and many people asked if it was possible to get a copy of the slides that had been shown. … Continue reading Not from my tenant.

Less Frictionless

Silicon Valley seems obsessed with making things frictionless. At the core the removal of barriers to people using their products is a sensible business development strategy. Why on earth would you want to stop people being customers? In the "pay with your data" world of modern web services, it's even more important to allow people … Continue reading Less Frictionless

The art of decision making

I have this idea of a probably mythical time in the history of office work. A point in time a few years before my own career began when computers were present but were still the preserve of typists. Tools used exclusively by specialist, trained workers. When the average desk was reserved for paper, a Rolodex … Continue reading The art of decision making

Decomposing collaboration

"Collaboration" - a term bandied about liberally yet rarely precisely defined. Over the past few years it's been a subject that I've spent a great deal of time grappling with for various clients. A great deal of that work is summarized here: I've thought about what are the reasons why an organisation might want it's … Continue reading Decomposing collaboration

Bring Your Own Software

About a decade ago, when I was heading up technology for the global marketing agency Imagination, we started to explore the idea of what would become known as Bring Your Own Device. We were thinking more radically than was ever likely to actually happen - staff given a Hardware allowance in the way that many … Continue reading Bring Your Own Software

Making time for play

I heard a terribly depressing thing from one of my clients yesterday: We don't have time for the luxury of play It's a sentiment that I hear in one way or another from many of the organisations with which I work. That the Calvinist ethic of hard work has lead to a focus on efficiency … Continue reading Making time for play

Conflicting cycles

What time frames does the organisation in which you work operate on? There's the year - financial and calendar (sometimes syncrhonized, but that generally makes for a crap Christmas). There's your "product" cycle - that could be weeks if you are software company, months in fashion, years in automotive or pharma, decades in pensions or … Continue reading Conflicting cycles

Which path to take?

I spend my time flitting from organisation to organisation, across many different sectors, and looking at often quite different challenges. Technology is usually the linking thread, although not always. A question that I'm not hearing being asked in a structured way in organisations today is "Which approach should we be taking?". What instead seems to … Continue reading Which path to take?