The first organisation in which I worked that really did a lot of conference calling was Reuters. I found it really hard some times when a whole group of people, very expensively co-located in plush offices in the centre of London's Canary Wharf, would be forced to sit at desks and individually dial into meetings … Continue reading One-to-one-to-one-to

Weeknote 477 – remote

This week I have learned: it starts to become more real when people you know start to become effected.the variation in experience and confidence of using collaboration tools is vast.I've caught up with more people in the last 10 days than I have done in months. Social distancing is bringing us together.I fear, though, that … Continue reading Weeknote 477 – remote

Weeknote 474: housing technology

This week I have learned: Start the week with a bit of random artistic endeavourThat Housing Technology appears to be in a -15 year timewarpThat a Prius catalytic converter is both resell-able and extremely steal-ableThe Meeting Owl is rather goodMicroservices are the new snake oilI've got a cold. No, it's really just a coldThree-way on … Continue reading Weeknote 474: housing technology

Weeknote 471: sore toes

This week I have learned: That I am really not cut out for skiingLaw firm offices really are hilariously interchangeableOnce you get over the initial silliness of talking about gnomes, you find that they’re a great way to explore interesting problemsThe gulf between wallpapering over the cracks and knocking down the whole damn building is … Continue reading Weeknote 471: sore toes

Weeknote 469: The Internet of Gnomes

This week I have learned: how beautiful a roof there is on the Leeds Corn Exchange that the future is Internet Gnomes when we think of connected devices, we need to think peer to peer as much as hub and spoke maybe Minimum Viable should be the objective? getting a 9-year-old to do violin scales … Continue reading Weeknote 469: The Internet of Gnomes

Weeknote 464: End of the line

This week I have learned: the callous, psychopathic nature of the way in which multi-national corporates can drop their relationship with a long-term member of staff on a whim. that my interest in UK politics has now basically come to an end, if only to protect my own sanity. that cumulative "quick fixes" can exponentially … Continue reading Weeknote 464: End of the line

Weeknote 458: The First Clapham Global Digital Sociology Conference, 2019

This week I have learned: that there are a few other folks in the world of digital and technology who come from a background in sociology- a fab meet up with Lisa Talia Moretti in the week to talk about people-centric approaches to technology and change. so much about how housing stock enters into the … Continue reading Weeknote 458: The First Clapham Global Digital Sociology Conference, 2019

Weeknote 457 – jigsaws

Things I have learned this week: Joining a new organisation is a little bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I'm currently at the stage where I'm trying to find the corner and edge pieces, and wondering where someone hid the box with the picture on it! It's great to meet my immediate team in technology … Continue reading Weeknote 457 – jigsaws