Maps vs Lists

If you are old enough to remember a time before ubiquitous GPS, you might remember web services like Multimap or Streetmap (or even earlier installed software like Autoroute). These tools could allow you to plot a route between two places, and then print off a map and a list of turn-by-turn instructions. If everyone were … Continue reading Maps vs Lists

Weeknote 518: Balancing

This week I have learned: the value of sitting down and looking at the actual dataan awful lot about the Cambrian Mountainsthat there are map people and there are list peopleI'm just about staying on top of things with Microsoft TasksI need to explore more with Sharepoint ListsDescript might be life-changingI love a well-timed question … Continue reading Weeknote 518: Balancing

Weeknote 517: the thick of it

This week I have learned: occasionally you'll get an insight that totally changes how you approach a thorny challenge. Had one of those this week.I'm positively negative.I'm impatient.I flit between thinking I've become a misanthropic hermit and really, really missing people.Get your legal people and their legal people in the same meeting. Lay people trying … Continue reading Weeknote 517: the thick of it

Weeknote 512: Forties

This week I have learned: fresh yeast is much nicer than dried.we have deployed a change and it is good.the permissions around sharing documents between organisations in Office 365 are a horrible, horrible mess.the serendipity of sharing and working out loud is where it's at.the World Cup of The Most Eighties Number One Single of … Continue reading Weeknote 512: Forties

Weeknote 511 – Seeking approval

This week I have learned: the board have approved the plan for the next few amazing bread recipe.that I'm a member of the CIO 100.that a group of independent people to act as a sounding board is a very good idea.that I love the #GlobalCanteen.that I've got a lot of tweets to schedule this … Continue reading Weeknote 511 – Seeking approval