Weeknote 383: they still don’t get it

This week I have learned: the stuff that goes viral is the trival - chat about iPads and croissants that look like a poo; being asked to fill out a two-page form when trying to get migraine medication on the cusp of a migraine is the epitome of user experience fail; tech events organisers - … Continue reading Weeknote 383: they still don’t get it

Weeknote 380: running out of steam

This week I have learned: This year so far has been busy. A couple of major projects running up to Easter has left me very much in need of the break. Good, but tired. I love running training events. They're exhausting, but there's real sense of achievement in a very short period of time. Eczema … Continue reading Weeknote 380: running out of steam

Weeknote 368: new year

This week I have learned: I really ought to have paid more attention to my DNS settings. Oh well, lesson learned. 525GB of SSD costs just £125. Laptop duly upgraded. I always feel happier with hardware I can take the lid off and, more importantly, successfully put back on, I guess in a similar way … Continue reading Weeknote 368: new year

2018 Futureballs

It's that time of year when people predict the year ahead. Strap in... 2018 will be pretty much the same as 2017. Some things will be different. Most of the things that are different will just be following a trend. A handful will be dramatically different. The things that are following trends are the ones … Continue reading 2018 Futureballs

Weeknote 365: A year’s worth

This week I have learned: Anyone who throws insults at single parents should try being a single parent for a short period of time. Running sessions via video and web is so much more tiring that running them in person. I'm getting even more curmudgeonly about the use of the word "Talent" when people really … Continue reading Weeknote 365: A year’s worth

Weeknote 364: annuities

This week I have learned: Being 47 is pretty much identical to being 46. The Dutch language makes me snigger. Bitcoin is actually dangerously stupid. By 2020 at current rates of growth it will consume all electricity. Already it consumes the equivalent of Morocco. Even in our highly connected world, it's possible to be a … Continue reading Weeknote 364: annuities

Always be selling

I heard yesterday of a couple of companies with whom I've worked falling victim to something of a scam artist, purportedly offering to help them with business development. I was also recently chatting to someone who was relatively new into the world of free range working, and exploring how I go about selling. The thing … Continue reading Always be selling