Weeknote 491: raining

This week I have learned: whilst there is obviously no causal relationship between me buying a device to open up the skylight in my office, and it raining consistently ever since, it does feel like there is.Teddington Lock last Friday night was like Sodom and Gomorrah. Goodness only knows what the pubs reopening is going … Continue reading Weeknote 491: raining

The trouble with being email

There was a full-blooded attack on poor customer service experience yesterday evening on the BBC's One Show Watchdog concession. The gist of the episode was that many organisations seem to be remarkably unwilling to allow customers to use email as a channel with which to communicate, and this results in people having to spend interminable … Continue reading The trouble with being email

Weeknote 487: facing up to the past

This week I have learned: we all need to take a stand.that when events start to reinforce the message that you have been giving, it's not necessarily reassuringthat parakeets appear to have had enough and are now regularly dive-bombing our back windows to a certain death.lockdown continues to take its emotional toll, particularly on our … Continue reading Weeknote 487: facing up to the past

Weeknote 486: now that was a CPU

This week I have learned: when I saw a queue of traffic for the first time in months, it felt somewhat sad. I've enjoyed the quiet.the power of a shopping trolley analogy.our new MP is very responsive on Twitter. This is a good thing.I need to think about my corporate "brand". That I know this … Continue reading Weeknote 486: now that was a CPU

Weeknote 483: settling in

This week I have learned: The fun to be had by encouraging people to be evil (as a learning activity)That Miro seems to be pretty goodThat someone's you need an outsider's validationTim Geraghty does good presentationsI really don't like flag-wavingThis is probably still the beginning of the beginning. Next week: coaching The week in photos:

What comes next? The New Abnormal

Amidst all of the horror and the madness, the recurring theme of "The will change the world of work forever" keeps popping up on my various timelines. There's no doubt that a number of assumptions about who can and can't work remotely have been crushed in the past few weeks. Although that will be little … Continue reading What comes next? The New Abnormal

Weeknote 480: Coffee

This week I have learned: #CoffeeRorschach is probably the silliest thing I've done in a while, but it gives me great amusement.That multiple video thing in Zoom. Can't work out if it's useful or just a pleasing gimmick.This "event" is giving an opportunity to examine sacred cows.It's very easy to slip into not doing any … Continue reading Weeknote 480: Coffee


The first organisation in which I worked that really did a lot of conference calling was Reuters. I found it really hard some times when a whole group of people, very expensively co-located in plush offices in the centre of London's Canary Wharf, would be forced to sit at desks and individually dial into meetings … Continue reading One-to-one-to-one-to