Weeknote 582: decoupling

This week I have learned: the challenges of unpacking thingsintersectionality can raise the hackles in unexpected placesthat in-person events are probably better overall than online ones... but if you promise me breakfast, I need breakfast!that in-person makes family diary management soooo much harderthat an increasing number of "last times" starts to get emotionalthat there are … Continue reading Weeknote 582: decoupling

Sci-Fi – a vision of the past

Contrary to the stereotypes of everyone who works outside of the world of IT, I'm not a big Sci-Fi fan. I adore the work of Douglas Adams, but the typical Star Wars/Star Trek kind of thing leaves me cold. I'm more into gritty, contemporary drama than journeys to outer solar systems. There is a commonly … Continue reading Sci-Fi – a vision of the past

Weeknote 570: Best Laid Plans

This week I have learned: a series of little red lines can still really scupper an entire weeklistening ≠ hearinglower league football is terrific funhowever, weekend train journeys aren'ta room reshuffle is suprisingly energisingmy goodness modern digital pianos are things of beautythere's an opportunity for more game creatingand also an exciting new way to publish … Continue reading Weeknote 570: Best Laid Plans