Self-imposed barriers

A few years ago I read somewhere (source long since forgotten) of a definition of a game being a series of barriers that players decide voluntarily to overcome. At the time it struck me that that pretty much described much of the business of working, too. Although the volunteer nature of the pursuit may be … Continue reading Self-imposed barriers

Blindly Following Rules

Every year to accompany the Silicon Beach event, those speaking are asked to contribute to a book that is distributed to all attendees. Here's my contribution... A good friend of mine and I enjoy a heated debate. She’s an accountant with opinions. I’m a gob-shite. We both like a glass or two of red with … Continue reading Blindly Following Rules

The place of work

Imagine a scenario... You are busy doing whatever it is that earns you your living. Your phone rings. It's from someone who might need something so important that you need to interrupt your current activity. But it might be trivial enough that you don't. You answer the phone. It's trivial. You haven't got the time … Continue reading The place of work

All in the eyes

The theme of facial recognition appears to be in the news at the moment. Not only, though, from the introduction of Apple’s latest thousand pound fondle slab, but from news about a research project that has been using machine learning techniques reportedly to identify sexuality. Now first of all there is a lot of media … Continue reading All in the eyes

The no-notebook experiment: day 5

One of the things I noted early on about my use of paper notepads was how it often serves the role of a mobile flip chart. I draw (not particularly well) to help explain or explore ideas with others. One of my big bugbears with using web conferencing services like Hangouts is the loss of … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 5

The no-notebook experiment: day 4

Following on from Wednesday’s experiments in marking up documents I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Evernote works better for me than OneNote. To an extent this is a choice akin to a Moleskine over a Leuctturm1917, mostly in the aesthetics. But there are a few points to rationalise it... OneNote doesn’t support the … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 4

The no-notebook experiment: day 3

A couple of changes today. First of all, an upgrade of the iPad to iOS11 version 8, which adds in a bit more support for Pencil, and then a shift over to the Microsoft OneNote tool from Evernote. On the OS upgrade, I'm so new to the whole world of iOS that I'm struggling to … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 3

The no-notebook experiment: day 2

A day of chugging along with Evernote today. A few more suggestions from others about alternative software, but for the most part they are all iOS or iOS/MacOS only, so fail on the multiple platform test. However, Mark Wilson reminded me that OneNote is cross platform. I'd also forgotten that, unlike much of the Office … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 2

The no-notebook experiment: day 1

And so the experiment begins. A few waves of good luck from the Twitter masses, a few expressions of interest in the outcomes, and one person commenting that I'll be back on the PC before I know it (an interesting immediate misinterpretation of the word "notebook"). I fired up Evernote, swiped the Pencil across the … Continue reading The no-notebook experiment: day 1