FTSE100 March changes

The quarterly adjustments to the FTSE100 constituent members were announced today, and yet again we see the CEO community become a less socially-networked place. This is a phenomenon also seen at the last index review in December. The two new entrants to the top 100 companies, St James's Place Wealth Management and Barratt Developments, have … Continue reading FTSE100 March changes

The end of the company mobile?

  So in the space of a few days BlackBerry sells itself and then the analyst group Gartner seems to offer seemingly unprecedented direct advice to its clients - "get the f*** out of there!". (I paraphrase - a more balanced description of what Gartner said is here. I wonder if the demise of BlackBerry … Continue reading The end of the company mobile?

Telepresence at Tower 42

Had a session on Friday afternoon with Cisco, using their Telepresence system at Tower 42 in the City. It's an amazing experience in that, after a few minutes, you don't really notice that you are using the technology. It's the second time that I've used the system, and the first time got a bit more … Continue reading Telepresence at Tower 42