05 Samir Brikho

The quarterly adjustments to the FTSE100 constituent members were announced today, and yet again we see the CEO community become a less socially-networked place. This is a phenomenon also seen at the last index review in December.

The two new entrants to the top 100 companies, St James’s Place Wealth Management and Barratt Developments, have social network-absent Chief Executives. Neither David Bellamy nor Mark Clare appear to have any presence on either LinkedIn or Twitter. Both companies do manage their corporate pages on LinkedIn, but only the home builder Barratt has a corporate Twitter account.

Tate & Lyle’s departure from the index forms something of a like-for-like replacement as their head has no social presence, but AMEC’s demotion to the FTSE250 see’s Samir Brikho, number 2 on the #socialCEO top ten in January (up from number 5 in October), leave our list. Brikho is one of the handful of active Twitter users in the CEO community.

You can find the full January stamp #socialCEO report here:

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