Weeknote 557 – accomodation

This week I have learned - how to intervene when a colleague inadvertantly steps into a world of prejudicial stereotypesthat we maybe need to think about long noses when we think about generational differencesthat I need to think more about radiating intent rather than begging forgivenessthat we may be waiting a little longerthat it was … Continue reading Weeknote 557 – accomodation

Weeknote 556 – eventing

This week I have learned: the joy of being able to run sessions with cards in personthat the podcast is good fun on the road, but never trust another sound guythe unforeseen consequences of psychological safetythat I'll be panelling with the best of them in Manchester the week after nextthat 30 years after helping to … Continue reading Weeknote 556 – eventing

Weeknote 554: departures

This week I have learned: Leadership is not about being superhuman. It's actually about being human.Curveballs get thrown.Certain professions seem geared to over promise and under-deliver.Customer service without a sales motive might just be a cargo cult.Anyone who is certain about what's going on is probably a charlatan...... but of course we flock to them.The … Continue reading Weeknote 554: departures

Weeknote 552: multiple precipices

This week I have learned: What it’s like to have the hope of a solution taken away at the eleventh hour.that challenges in the provision of healthcare are challenges in multi-disciplinary and multi-agency collaboration.how in times of stress people revert to type.that the League Cup doesn’t mean anything anyway.that the anthropological viewpoint might be a … Continue reading Weeknote 552: multiple precipices

Weeknote 550: The prisoner’s dilemma

This week I have learned: how the Prisioner's Dilemma can explain many of the challenges for prioritisation across a business.that whilst events might now be happening in person, people aren't necessarily attending them.no matter how many times I check, if I think something is happening at 3pm I will see the appointment in my diary … Continue reading Weeknote 550: The prisoner’s dilemma

Weeknote 548: Back to it

This week I have learned: the remarkable ability for some clinicians to exhibit literally no interpersonal skillsthat the easiest way to rebuild a PC these days is to start by buying a new SSDit's still nice meeting in the Zoom Pubthat understanding how to truly redesign services is hard when you are confronted with how … Continue reading Weeknote 548: Back to it