#Weeknotes 533: trade offs

This week I have learned: that four day weeks can involve five days of workthat I've become a little bit interested in F1 thanks to the Netflix behind the scenes showthat the idea of sitting outside of a pub in this weather has zero appealthat contracting should be a collaborative activityas should planningmy extended team … Continue reading #Weeknotes 533: trade offs

Weeknote 531 – Beyond Equality

This week I have learned: that there are other men who are willing to talk about what masculinity is and what it should be. And that's been a wonderful experience (blog to follow).is it too soon to think about promotion?it's time to share some stories.doing performance reviews in a team that's performing warms the cockles. … Continue reading Weeknote 531 – Beyond Equality

Weeknote 530: what comes next

This week I have learned: That we are coming close to the end of the planning and justifying stage, and entering the planning and doing stage.There surely must be something better than CVs and interviews.That I might have got over-excitedI'm going to put concerted effort to spend time in person with people I want to … Continue reading Weeknote 530: what comes next

Weeknote 529 – Who’s zooming who?

This week I have learned: I probably just need to use the "bollocks" more in my blogging if I want more readersI'm over the whole Zoom Fatigue narrative. It's pandemic fatigue, possibly followed by national period of mawkishness fatigue.about the best book I've read in ageswhat it's like to experience sunburn, hay fever and snow … Continue reading Weeknote 529 – Who’s zooming who?

Weeknote 527: the hierarchy of user needs

This week I have learned: that I might have written a whole song of sorts...the link between Maslow and User researchAmazon reviews is a dark world of bribery and corruptionthat sometimes the truth hurtsif you fall in love with the problem, might you become besotted?maybe Data Protection isn't so boring?that we need to have inclusion … Continue reading Weeknote 527: the hierarchy of user needs

Weeknote 525 – user needs

This week I have learned: how quiet it is without the kids in the house.how to do a lateral flow test.how much more flavour you get from cooking on the bone.that maybe we should start with The Home and then work backwards.the power of spending some time talking about things.that the end of lockdown still … Continue reading Weeknote 525 – user needs

Weeknote 523 – 5 days

This week I have learned: the appeal of Japanese fox-based metaphors (cheers Mr Wilshire!)the power of listening to the stories customers want to tell.that The Bullingdon Club really are the crème de la crème.that Data is moving up the agenda.that you really need to know why.that standing is the new sitting. Or something. Next week: … Continue reading Weeknote 523 – 5 days