Weeknote 484: hitting walls

This week I have learned: it's lost its novelty, this Lockdown thing hasn't it? Not sure I want it to end, though.the value in having someone external looking at what you are doing and asking questions and providing input.twice.finding new ways to propagate information and changing habits is key.find ways to find cracks between the … Continue reading Weeknote 484: hitting walls

Weeknote 483: settling in

This week I have learned: The fun to be had by encouraging people to be evil (as a learning activity)That Miro seems to be pretty goodThat someone's you need an outsider's validationTim Geraghty does good presentationsI really don't like flag-wavingThis is probably still the beginning of the beginning. Next week: coaching The week in photos:

Weeknote 482 – May. Maybe not.

This week I have learned: the sheer delight of proper remote workingthe sheer delight of purchase order processinghow there might be opportunity to use sentiment analysis to drive real data into customer journey mapshow people light up when they are asked to look at problems in human terms.I know a frightening number of sitcomsYou can't … Continue reading Weeknote 482 – May. Maybe not.

Weeknote 481: Collaborative

This week I have learned: Oh, there is so much to think about when it comes to what comes after lock down. So it's good that there are some great people willing to think about it... Mary McKenna is "Berocca in Human Form"Cardstock Virtual worked well.Oh boy I'm looking forward to going to the supermarket … Continue reading Weeknote 481: Collaborative

Weeknote 478: business as unusual

This week I have learned: the power of saying thank you.that we need to start to think about the things we want to keep about "in the office" working, rather than just obsessing about the things we want to change.in the absence of informal communication, diaries are becoming increasingly crammed, making informal communication even harder.that … Continue reading Weeknote 478: business as unusual

Weeknote 476: the lurgy

This week I have learned: boy things can escalate quickly.I miss my wife. I really, really hope she gets home this weekend.I am really, really pleased to be part of a team. The loneliness that I started to feel overwhelming towards the end of my contracting time would be crushing now. I feel for so … Continue reading Weeknote 476: the lurgy

Weeknote 475: COVID

This week I have learned: The world really has gone a little bit hatstandRugby is a very odd gameCOVID might provide the most remarkable catalyst to drive more remote and flexible workingBut making sure the haters don't hate is going to be the keyCatching up with my LEF chums is always brain-stretching (in a good … Continue reading Weeknote 475: COVID

Weeknote 474: housing technology

This week I have learned: Start the week with a bit of random artistic endeavourThat Housing Technology appears to be in a -15 year timewarpThat a Prius catalytic converter is both resell-able and extremely steal-ableThe Meeting Owl is rather goodMicroservices are the new snake oilI've got a cold. No, it's really just a coldThree-way on … Continue reading Weeknote 474: housing technology