Weeknote 550: The prisoner’s dilemma

This week I have learned: how the Prisioner's Dilemma can explain many of the challenges for prioritisation across a business.that whilst events might now be happening in person, people aren't necessarily attending them.no matter how many times I check, if I think something is happening at 3pm I will see the appointment in my diary … Continue reading Weeknote 550: The prisoner’s dilemma

Weeknote 548: Back to it

This week I have learned: the remarkable ability for some clinicians to exhibit literally no interpersonal skillsthat the easiest way to rebuild a PC these days is to start by buying a new SSDit's still nice meeting in the Zoom Pubthat understanding how to truly redesign services is hard when you are confronted with how … Continue reading Weeknote 548: Back to it

Weeknote 544 – testing

This week I have learned: The complexity of self-isolation regulationsThe pleasure of taking remote working to the next levelThat things are really spread out in rural SuffolkThat change starts at the topThat there is a balance to be struck between the assurance of linear plans and the ambiguity and messiness of realityThat it is going … Continue reading Weeknote 544 – testing

Weeknote 542: meeting up

This week I have learned: that the WB40 audience are great drinking buddies.the dangers of putting additional capacity into a flaky system.the wonders of serendipity.that my kids make me very proud.that it's all about the personal brand.the liberating effect of driving a white van.some people simply don't get the power and influence that they inherit … Continue reading Weeknote 542: meeting up

Weeknote 541: triggered

This week I have learned: I don't think it's possible for me to have a detached, unemotional conversation about performance management processes. The two years at the end of the forced curved period at Microsoft have scarred me.That hopefully Southgate's progressive agenda that started with that remarkable letter at the beginning of the Euros will … Continue reading Weeknote 541: triggered