Weeknote 493: End of term

This week I have learned: if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...the football stuff is getting nerve wracking.without a massive shindig every year in Barcelona, some companies' business models start to look a bit threadbare.I'm still hiring - 5 days to go...buildings are living, socio-technical systems.a new angle on thinking about … Continue reading Weeknote 493: End of term

Weeknote 492 – housebound

This week I have learned: that a combination of rain and back to back meetings means I've barely left the house this week.there is a fine line between therapeutic and annoying.parent/child relationships exist all over the place. Often switching mid sentence.it's one thing to know what you need to do, but quite another to convince … Continue reading Weeknote 492 – housebound

Weeknote 489: bolt upright

This week I've learned: do I spend too much energy trying to make other people happy?we really should have turned the WB-40 Donate Page on earlier.the relentless tide of meetings is starting to get to all of us.football eh? Ask me again after the 12.30 kickoff on Saturday.being asked by someone to mentor them is … Continue reading Weeknote 489: bolt upright

Weeknote 488: rock turning

This week I have learned: I think my core purpose in life is bringing communities of people together. I certainly get an immense sense of pride from doing it.That 29 years after I founded the Student Radio Association with a bunch of other folk in a draughty lecture hall at Loughborough University, the organisation is … Continue reading Weeknote 488: rock turning

Weeknote 484: hitting walls

This week I have learned: it's lost its novelty, this Lockdown thing hasn't it? Not sure I want it to end, though.the value in having someone external looking at what you are doing and asking questions and providing input.twice.finding new ways to propagate information and changing habits is key.find ways to find cracks between the … Continue reading Weeknote 484: hitting walls

Weeknote 483: settling in

This week I have learned: The fun to be had by encouraging people to be evil (as a learning activity)That Miro seems to be pretty goodThat someone's you need an outsider's validationTim Geraghty does good presentationsI really don't like flag-wavingThis is probably still the beginning of the beginning. Next week: coaching The week in photos:

Weeknote 482 – May. Maybe not.

This week I have learned: the sheer delight of proper remote workingthe sheer delight of purchase order processinghow there might be opportunity to use sentiment analysis to drive real data into customer journey mapshow people light up when they are asked to look at problems in human terms.I know a frightening number of sitcomsYou can't … Continue reading Weeknote 482 – May. Maybe not.

Weeknote 481: Collaborative

This week I have learned: Oh, there is so much to think about when it comes to what comes after lock down. So it's good that there are some great people willing to think about it... Mary McKenna is "Berocca in Human Form"Cardstock Virtual worked well.Oh boy I'm looking forward to going to the supermarket … Continue reading Weeknote 481: Collaborative