Weeknote 365: A year’s worth

This week I have learned: Anyone who throws insults at single parents should try being a single parent for a short period of time. Running sessions via video and web is so much more tiring that running them in person. I'm getting even more curmudgeonly about the use of the word "Talent" when people really … Continue reading Weeknote 365: A year’s worth

Weeknote 363: rapid switching

This week I have learned: A surprising number of people still seem to think that work and fun are mutually exclusive concepts I've done too many speaking gigs recently. Workshops need listening and observing rather than chat Play, Learn, Facilitate couldn't have been timed better. Thanks Abi, Ben, Stephen & Simon! Lego is remarkable in its … Continue reading Weeknote 363: rapid switching

Weeknote 361: Two hundred and eighty

This week I have learned: editing video always takes an awfully lot longer than I first expect. This is why it is highly unlikely that WB-40 will ever become a TV programme. that the iPad as become a crucial part of my working life. Left at home for a day this week by mistake and I … Continue reading Weeknote 361: Two hundred and eighty

Weeknote 360: circular

This week I have learned: Bought a new telly for the first time in seven years. They've come on a bit, eh? Missenden Abbey provides pretty cost-effective meeting space in lovely surroundings The super Amy Kean has written a book... ... and at lunch this week we also discussed the idea of a conference where nothing … Continue reading Weeknote 360: circular

Weeknote 359: electrical sparks

This week I have learned: for the second time in my life that some people will put tidying up ahead of sensible electrical safety that Microsoft's financial reporting has mastered a new level of obfuscation in terms of hiding what's actually going on with their selling of Cloud too many Digital Agencies can only think … Continue reading Weeknote 359: electrical sparks

Weeknote 356: raining clients

This week I have learned: the power of pictures, even scrappy, hand drawn pictures, in communicating a message that my business is expanding into Europe. Time to get the Irish passport... that my best sales tool is probably an ability to stand up and tell a half-funny story that Twitter Blankety Blank is awesome. Next … Continue reading Weeknote 356: raining clients

Weeknote 353: user experience

This week I have learned: The temptation to make cloud like problems subject to clock like analysis is relentless in organisations. Two weeks left before Silicon Beach and I think I have my story straight. I struggle to understand people who don't understand that all politics is how suspended because of Brexit. Next week the … Continue reading Weeknote 353: user experience