Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

This week I have learned: there seems to be far more conversation in the world about starting things than ending things. Ending things is hard. Will write more about it soon.by running a session with a law firm, I was able to give the PlayCards another go. I have missed running workshops in person. It's … Continue reading Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

Weeknote 575: A good walk

This week I have learned: the power of taking the team out for a good walk, even if it was pissing down.that I have synth lust.that aligning strands across a whole programme is a challenge of mathematical proportions.that I completely forgot it was St Pats.Foccacia is the art of olive oil saturation points. Next week: … Continue reading Weeknote 575: A good walk

Weeknote 574: in office

This week I have learned: that I appreciate my friends more than ever.that when you live 25 minutes walk away from an office, it's perfectly possible to go in for a few things, not a whole day.but when diaries get structured around Teams calls finding 25 minute slots for walking can be a challenge.football is … Continue reading Weeknote 574: in office

Weeknote 573: editing

This week I have learned: How irony maybe doesn't translate.That we are only doing WB-40 for the love of it.That managing diaries in a hybrid world is going to be exponentially difficult.That playing with cards on a flat surface opens up other dimensions (thanks Nick!)That sometimes models based around alliteration can get a bit, erm, … Continue reading Weeknote 573: editing

Weeknote 572: war

This week I have learned: the questions that will be raised when you justify in person events in the future will be trickyat some points simply gathering more and more data doesn't helpI'm off football againdependency planning is the big gap in agileI'm looking forward to travelling again soonit's nice to know when you spot … Continue reading Weeknote 572: war

Weeknote 571: Living with d’rona

This week I have learned: that if there is one thing I am looking forward to above all else when things go forward to a sort of normal, it's not having entire half term holiday's scuppered by the family coming down with Covid.whilst there may be cold-like symptoms, it's definitely not a cold.how to use … Continue reading Weeknote 571: Living with d’rona