Weeknote 472: half term

This week I have learned: That just mooching about with the kids whilst getting paid during half term has actually been an odd experience. Six years of free range hustling has changed how I think about my time, but I'm not sure for the better.That is perfectly reasonable to take a troupe of 20 cardboard … Continue reading Weeknote 472: half term

Weeknote 471: sore toes

This week I have learned: That I am really not cut out for skiingLaw firm offices really are hilariously interchangeableOnce you get over the initial silliness of talking about gnomes, you find that they’re a great way to explore interesting problemsThe gulf between wallpapering over the cracks and knocking down the whole damn building is … Continue reading Weeknote 471: sore toes

Weeknote 469: The Internet of Gnomes

This week I have learned: how beautiful a roof there is on the Leeds Corn Exchange that the future is Internet Gnomes when we think of connected devices, we need to think peer to peer as much as hub and spoke maybe Minimum Viable should be the objective? getting a 9-year-old to do violin scales … Continue reading Weeknote 469: The Internet of Gnomes

Weeknote 467: Going Global

This week I have learned: the amazing insight that Dr Mark Bloomfield has about shifting an organisation to be data-enabled. how defining a narrative to sell a story is such an iterative process. that most of my colleagues aren't "D"s ... but quite a lot of them are "C"s. (PPA, if you're wondering). In 2020 … Continue reading Weeknote 467: Going Global

Weeknote 466: New Year

This week I have learned: My favourite App has had a great update. I might have finished all the Stollen. Changing the way in which you access a piece of software can totally change how you approach (I got a new controller for Ableton Live for Christmas). Being interviewed by Steve Chapman this week made … Continue reading Weeknote 466: New Year

Weeknote 465: Yearnote 2019

Well, that's been quite a year. At the beginning of 2019 I was continuing my adventures with Stamp. As the year draws to a close, I'm starting to understand the course of my adventures with RHP. The transition from free-range consultant back into full-time employee has been a welcome one. I've made some great relationships … Continue reading Weeknote 465: Yearnote 2019

Weeknote 463 – Twickers

This week I have learned: The haka, whilst standing pitch side at Twickenham That decarbonisation is a systems-thinking challenge That the problems always sit at the boundaries That a constantly crashing PC really buggers up a great interview That I've pretty much given up on both football and politics Next week: a statement of intent … Continue reading Weeknote 463 – Twickers