Weeknote 356: raining clients

This week I have learned: the power of pictures, even scrappy, hand drawn pictures, in communicating a message that my business is expanding into Europe. Time to get the Irish passport... that my best sales tool is probably an ability to stand up and tell a half-funny story that Twitter Blankety Blank is awesome. Next … Continue reading Weeknote 356: raining clients

Weeknote 353: user experience

This week I have learned: The temptation to make cloud like problems subject to clock like analysis is relentless in organisations. Two weeks left before Silicon Beach and I think I have my story straight. I struggle to understand people who don't understand that all politics is how suspended because of Brexit. Next week the … Continue reading Weeknote 353: user experience

Weeknote 350: polygons

This week I have learned: to get my head around something of the complexity of modelling and managing geospatial information in the world of GIS. the higher up they are, the more likely they are to postpone. that I've missed spending time in the British Museum. that boats permanently moored on the Thames still move … Continue reading Weeknote 350: polygons

Weeknote 349: Calcio

This week I have learned: Footie's back, then. To continue to value the conversations that start on Twitter and then go elsewhere I have missed out on about 10 years of listening to music by not having a decent set of loudspeakers. Foolish. I really need to knuckle down and write my Silicon Beach talk. … Continue reading Weeknote 349: Calcio

Weeknote 348: Cupertino

This week I have learned: the sense of enormous relief to be found at coming towards the end of a major building project that everyone seems to know it's all about the people, but we still look to the inanimate objects for answers the simple stuff is sometimes the most valuable Next week: the bit … Continue reading Weeknote 348: Cupertino