Weeknote 396: Football

Things that I have learned this week: Building products is fun. Building products with other people is even more fun. Building products that aren't software is even more fun than that. There's something about the eyes sparkling, moment of revelation thing that's addictive when you are able to inspire it in others. It's why I … Continue reading Weeknote 396: Football

Weeknote 395: nogomet

This week I have learned: despite my Irish loyalties, I became involved this time. get out there. Feel uncomfortable. Test yourself. a different talk every time isn't the way to build a business as a speaker. But where's the fun in saying the same stuff over and over again? My little boy's leaving infant school. … Continue reading Weeknote 395: nogomet

Weeknote 392: Fußball

This week I have learned: what a brilliant writer my old mate Barney is. I knew that anyway, but his new project is a wonderful reminder: https://www.64beautifulgames.com/blog-1/2018/6/22/games-21-22-23 the cards. I'm getting obsessed by the cards. They're great. sometimes the best conversations are the impromptu. Making space for those is so important. forget data breaches and Cambridge … Continue reading Weeknote 392: Fußball

Weeknote 391: Calcio

This week I have learned: the sheer bloody opulence that 18th and 19th century wealth was able to afford. that Facebook's Workplace products biggest competitor is probably WhatsApp. Which is a problem for them. I bloody love the World Cup. I also love the new Watford kit. IKEA is basically Lego for grown-ups. An idea … Continue reading Weeknote 391: Calcio

Weeknote 387: Maths Co-processor

This week I have learned: My ability to think on my feet is still pretty good. The competitive spirit that can be provoked in many people who work in corporates leaves me bemused. Working out loud is such an alien concept to so many people. The fear of something so often is so much greater … Continue reading Weeknote 387: Maths Co-processor