Weeknote 591: designing data

This week I have learned: I'm getting increasingly curious about how the worlds of user-centred design and data can become more self-supporting. As we move from data as the stuff in systems to data as a thing in itself, how can we design that data and move away from the ivory towers of ER modelling? … Continue reading Weeknote 591: designing data

Weeknote 589: settling

This week I have learned: that forms can be seen through a lens of "what has gone wrong in the past?" So often when we are confronted with requests for information whether through paper or increasingly digital means, it can be hard to understand why particular data are being requested. Ask the question "What bad … Continue reading Weeknote 589: settling

Weeknote 588: melting

This week I have learned: That a half-hour bike ride in the searing heat to meet with a potential client isn't as bad as the half-hour bike ride in the searing heat back from a potential client.I'm oscillating between "I've got this" and "I've no idea what I'm doing". That's normal. Need to embrace feeling … Continue reading Weeknote 588: melting

Weeknote 587: new boy

This week I have learned: that despite the worries (and my inherent republicanism), helping to organise the Jubilee Street Party was a delight and completely rewarding. I can't walk from one end of the street to the other now without saying hello to someone I now know.the 90-minute commute into town is refreshing in some … Continue reading Weeknote 587: new boy

Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

This week I have learned: there seems to be far more conversation in the world about starting things than ending things. Ending things is hard. Will write more about it soon.by running a session with a law firm, I was able to give the PlayCards another go. I have missed running workshops in person. It's … Continue reading Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings