Weeknote 607: blinded by the lights

This week I have learned: although I have experienced migraines since my mid-childhood, they still have the ability to shut me down entirely. We don't really know what causes them (for me it's usually a trigger of tiredness), there's no real cure, and remedies can be a bit hit-and-miss. the best hacks are the simplest … Continue reading Weeknote 607: blinded by the lights

Weeknote 606: Drumatix

This week I have learned: certain Tory peers can only be described in the sort of language that Channel 4 news presenters use off-air. that you can get involved in open source even if you don't code. I had a fascinating day at the OpenUK Thought Leadership event on Monday, which is my stand-out memory. … Continue reading Weeknote 606: Drumatix

Weeknote 605: pareidolia

This week I have learned: the Boston Robotics dog is a sinister thing. I got the opportunity to be face to robot grab arm with one at the Dorset Festival of the Future event. Whilst it's "just" a remote control device, the movement (which is more horse-like than dog-like) is proper "uncanny valley" stuff. the … Continue reading Weeknote 605: pareidolia

Weeknote 603: Fake coffee

This week I have learned: I've been obsessing about metaphors about teams like flight crews, film crews and international football teams. I've then also extended the metaphor to talk about roles mismatching, tribalism and the psychology of the narcissism of small differences, topped with the mention of a small tea shop in the Cotswolds. Ultimately … Continue reading Weeknote 603: Fake coffee

Weeknote 602: fountains

This week I have learned: it wasn't really until the coffin switched to the hearse that it started to mean something to me. Then I could relate. To the death of my Grandad, of my Gran, of my aunt. the pent-up tsunami of politics that was coming after the events of Monday was both expected … Continue reading Weeknote 602: fountains

Weeknote 601: gathering

This week I have learned: the importance of nomenclature. Look, what you call things really matters. Particularly if you call different things by the same term, or use terms that mean something different to different people. whilst techniques in technology projects might be transferable across contexts, sometimes you need people with domain expertise. That might … Continue reading Weeknote 601: gathering

Weeknote 600: Six Hundred

Well. Here we are then.The sixth century of weeknotes. Nearly 12 years' worth. That's a lot of weeknotes. The format has changed a bit since I started. They have on occasion become short and cryptic. In recent times they've become a bit more verbose. It's a way to shut down for the weekend. It's a … Continue reading Weeknote 600: Six Hundred

Weeknote 599: back in the room

Things I have learned this week: coming back from holiday to an overflowing work Slack is far more confusing than coming back to an overflowing email inbox. Slack is so disjointed - don't get me wrong, email is broken too, but at least in your inbox there is just one place to look. Customer surveys … Continue reading Weeknote 599: back in the room