Weeknote 402 – Payment required

This week I have learned: what a beautiful city Budapest is. Well, a beautiful two cities, technically. of the existence of Trinity Buoy Wharf. why you should never let a property developer run a grocer. there are moments where a to-do list is helping but doesn't feel like it. the thinking can be hard sometimes. … Continue reading Weeknote 402 – Payment required

Weeknote 401: Unauthorised

This week I have learned: Actually getting a little bit of time to take a walk is really worthwhile. It's really easy to focus on systems to such an extent that you assume that people have the necessary skills to do what ever it is that the system is supposed to support. Fire drills. Fire … Continue reading Weeknote 401: Unauthorised

Weeknote 399: autumnal

This week I have learned: The August Bank Holiday week is odd, and mildly depressing. The slight chill in the air in the mornings. The "last break until Christmas" feel. When the rubber meets the road, as the saying goes, is when you start to realise how badly the wheels have been fitted. Safety. We … Continue reading Weeknote 399: autumnal

Weeknote 396: Football

Things that I have learned this week: Building products is fun. Building products with other people is even more fun. Building products that aren't software is even more fun than that. There's something about the eyes sparkling, moment of revelation thing that's addictive when you are able to inspire it in others. It's why I … Continue reading Weeknote 396: Football

Weeknote 395: nogomet

This week I have learned: despite my Irish loyalties, I became involved this time. get out there. Feel uncomfortable. Test yourself. a different talk every time isn't the way to build a business as a speaker. But where's the fun in saying the same stuff over and over again? My little boy's leaving infant school. … Continue reading Weeknote 395: nogomet