Weeknote 444: all the fours

This week I have learned: keep the windows shut in exceptionally hot weather brushes with the Health Service are both inspiring and also deeply unsettling it's mostly a series of long games the back catalogue is worth a load to me Dudley in August. That's the glamour of the free-range lifestyle. The week in photos: … Continue reading Weeknote 444: all the fours

Weeknote 443: talking to strangers

This week I have learned: what might happen if when responding to insults one might use empathy rather than more insults. that doing someone else's podcast is a lot easier than doing one's own. opportunities can come out of the blue, but may well disappear again just as quickly. expressing what one does in terms … Continue reading Weeknote 443: talking to strangers

#Weeknotes 441: The Creativator

This week I have learned: Doing new things is scary for everyone. Embrace it. It's lovely when someone you didn't think would remember you does. 30% of the water in the UK water system goes missing. Every glass of tap water contains a free dose of ibuprofen. Making things. It's taken me a while but … Continue reading #Weeknotes 441: The Creativator

Weeknote 439: engaging workshops

This week I have learned: Solicit opinions from enough people and you'll end up with every possible perspective. That maybe doesn't help much. From abject to overflowing. Welcome to the Free-Range order book. I'm stupidly happy with The Creativator It seems that just bashing out stream of consciousness is the best policy for my Forbes … Continue reading Weeknote 439: engaging workshops

Weeknote 438: Taking stock

This week I have learned... the rapid bipolar nature of being a micro business is exhilarating and exhausting. One minute everything is wonderful, the next you're on the verge of ruin. And repeat. Rapidly. Seeing how other's businesses have expanded in humbling and makes me feel like I'm playing at it. But play is at … Continue reading Weeknote 438: Taking stock