Weeknote 508: a sense of completion

This week I have learned: I'm so lucky to know so many great Pele who I can invite onto WB-40.I've spent the last three months writing papers rather than thinking about the future. The price of governance.It's time to start making processes in anger.We need to get our heads around this as the new normal. … Continue reading Weeknote 508: a sense of completion

Weeknote 505 – sampled beats

This week I have learned: to not be judgemental about using Excel. Well, not as judgemental.once again the power of Working Out Loud.that the new supplier seems to be ace.online events can work...... but sometimes they really don't.that we are in this for the long term.Presenting to a big group is a great way to … Continue reading Weeknote 505 – sampled beats

Weeknote 504: Schadenfreude

This week I have learned: it's been a long time since a derby-day victory.that it's surprising to see more suggestions that it's made up than there are directly wishing ill will.we have completed our first major procurement and have found the end-to-end digital business that I've been looking for for years.even UI look and feel … Continue reading Weeknote 504: Schadenfreude

Weeknote 503: levelling

This week I have learned: only when you really start to get under the covers of how your customers live their lives, you really can get to think about how to provide them with better services.And you also need to understand what those services actually are.Going through a really formal procurement process has been at … Continue reading Weeknote 503: levelling

Weeknote 502: presenting

This week I have learned: that we have permission to proceed to the next stage for our transformation project. Numbers and timeframes are the next step.Oh, that I need to find an alternative to calling it a "transformation project". I'm really starting to dislike the term. Answers on a postcard to...I'm increasingly suspicious of organisations … Continue reading Weeknote 502: presenting

Weeknote 500: Ten Years of Weeknoting

Where exactly has 10 years gone? When I wrote the first of these little diary entries back in 2010 I didn't really think that I'd still be doing them more than a decade later. Bar a couple missed during holidays, and one or two posted on a Saturday because the Friday was just too exciting, … Continue reading Weeknote 500: Ten Years of Weeknoting

Weeknote 499: Back to it

This week I have learned: the restorative power of a good break.that it seems I'm getting the key people onside with the longer term approach.liminal is becoming increasingly important. That chap Roland Harwood is a visionary.Back to the office is not the same thing as back to work. I've never worked as hard as I … Continue reading Weeknote 499: Back to it