Weeknote 453: Simon

At the weekend I heard the terrible news that my friend and former Imagination colleague Simon King had passed away, quite suddenly, a few days before. I've had two really great bosses in my working life. Simon was one of them. The support, space, assistance and occasional kick up the arse that he provided in … Continue reading Weeknote 453: Simon

Weeknote 452: top two

This week I have learned: when you are asked to half your price, the correct response should be "Would you ask that in Tescos?" (Not to be confused with asking "Would Tescos do that?" to which the answer is probably inevitably "Yes". This week I managed to pioneer rapid product prototyping through the medium of … Continue reading Weeknote 452: top two

Weeknote 451: panel beating

This week I have learned: Have faith in the good ideas My network is my greatest asset and I'm so pleased I know them all There are some critical cultural problems at the core of the open source movement Maybe it's time to get together with an artist It's always a pleasure to get calls … Continue reading Weeknote 451: panel beating

Weeknote 450: Paths and off-ramps

This week I have learned: It may be time for a change in direction. Whether the options will be there - well, time will tell. There is remarkable power in brand. Institutions with great brands possibly get away with a lot that they shouldn't. There is a strong tendency for agile-obsessed folk to both build … Continue reading Weeknote 450: Paths and off-ramps

Weeknote 449: Back to life/Reality

This week I have learned: politics, eh? the feeling of lack of influence and control can be overwhelming. I'm reasonably good at knocking up a useful training workshop. Getting money out of clients, eh? getting back into the swing of stuff after the best part of a month off is, erm, tricky. I've missed doing … Continue reading Weeknote 449: Back to life/Reality

Weeknote 444: all the fours

This week I have learned: keep the windows shut in exceptionally hot weather brushes with the Health Service are both inspiring and also deeply unsettling it's mostly a series of long games the back catalogue is worth a load to me Dudley in August. That's the glamour of the free-range lifestyle. The week in photos: … Continue reading Weeknote 444: all the fours