Weeknote 623: lest it snow

This week I have learned: the wonderful opportunities you get from spending time with people who are newer into their careers than you and so with very different perspectives. The EvolvE programme at EE is a really interesting initiative and I spent a bunch of time with some of the current cohort this week in … Continue reading Weeknote 623: lest it snow

Weeknote 622: into a groove

This week I have learned: the mildly addictive nature of watching my Shopify feed. Don't forget the PlayCards are available, and there are only a few of the pre-order special offer left... the continuing need for anthropology when it comes to delivering projects successfully. It's all about the people, personalities and relationships. that the personality … Continue reading Weeknote 622: into a groove

Weeknote 621: let’s get physical

This week I have learned: it's really stressful sending something off to print. I had to do a bit of last-minute tweaking on the PlayCards box, and Illustrator is far from intuitive. Thankfully the people at Ludocards were great and sent me photos and video of pre-print copies so that I could get the packaging … Continue reading Weeknote 621: let’s get physical

Weeknote 619 – still closing

This week I have learned: sometimes serendipity comes calling. There is a chance I could get to some some work with someone I want to work with, in a place that I want to visit, in a way that helps a whole bunch of my colleagues. It's a reasonably good chance. Finger's crossed. The #100Coffees … Continue reading Weeknote 619 – still closing

Weeknote 616 – gathering

This week I have learned: the enjoyment of being in the company of others. An annual gathering of friends for a post-Christmas Christmas dinner, people who have been knocking about together for three decades, feeling as young as we did back then even if we have now moved from "falling over" to "having a fall". … Continue reading Weeknote 616 – gathering

Weeknote 615 – in person

This week I have learned: that every so often I will get a hold of some piece of technology and it will totally live up to my expectations. The Emeo Saxophone is one of those pieces of technology. Hardware and software combined, and a perfect example of how devices like the Arduino can allow small … Continue reading Weeknote 615 – in person

Weeknote 614: sinkhole

This week I have learned: about sinkholes. Well, a little bit about sinkholes. A hole opened up at the road at the other end of our street. It's a main road, and it's meant that there's been significant disruption. Buses re-routed and whatnot. The way the local authority, transport services and police have all co-ordinated … Continue reading Weeknote 614: sinkhole