Slide decks

A vivid memory I have from growing up in the 1970s was my father's what seemed like annual slide deck preparation. This is, of course, in the days before Harvard Graphics, let alone PowerPoint. Dad was a lecturer at the University of London. He had to prepare lectures for his MSc students, and prepared visual … Continue reading Slide decks

Agile Simulation: Method and Reflections

A bit of a "how to" post reflecting on a session I ran yesterday for the technology team from a retail client. The Brief All of my most exciting pieces of work come at short notice. I spoke with the CIO from the client on Tuesday, and he wanted an interactive and fun session to … Continue reading Agile Simulation: Method and Reflections

Competition Time!

There's a free ticket available for the Customer Experience World event at which I'm speaking next month. All you need to do is send you answer to the following question: What is the percentage of people using Twitter for Customer Service now? a) 60% b) 70% c) 55% by email to T&Cs here:  

Digital Customer Experience event

In January I'm going to be part of a stellar line up of speakers at The Focus Group's Customer Experience Digital Leadership event taking place in London. I'll be exploring some of the themes on Play that are developing out of my work on the book (see the clip below), but I can also highly recommend … Continue reading Digital Customer Experience event

Ripe for disruption

Last night I was lucky to be invited to speak to the 360° Club at a hotel overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral. here's roughly what I said… So here is my starting proposition: “You’re less likely to be disrupted if you are in sync with your customers’ view of your value proposition.” I think that most … Continue reading Ripe for disruption

Knocking up PowerPoint

“Can you just knock me up a couple of slides on that?” are words that I dread. If you've ever seen me present you'll know I'm of the “seemingly random series of images” school of PowerPoint, and I'm pretty certain that someone asking me for a couple of slides isn't looking for a collection of … Continue reading Knocking up PowerPoint

Social Media Week – The Social Challenge

During Social Media Week in London, along with Katie King, I presented on the challenges that Social and Digital channels are placing onto the ways in which organisations are interacting with their customers. The presentation gave an overview of the report that I researched and wrote this summer for IG Digital. You can see the … Continue reading Social Media Week – The Social Challenge