In a few weeks’ time I’m running a short workshop for a group of people who work in the world of marketing insight. In preparation, I’m looking to find a few volunteers who can help me test a theory…

I’m someone who has a lot of theories. I try to test as many of them as I can. One of them is this: that in an age when the ability to run a survey, a questionnaire, has become remarkably cheap, and also that more than ever people are looking for metrics to justify activity, we have entered an era when we are becoming over-surveyed.

I seem to get requests for my opinions on almost an hourly basis. Can I give feedback on my customer service experience? Can I provide my views on the website I’m about to look at? How was my queuing experience at the bank this morning? How is my hotel room? Can I give my reflections on the state of my industry? The list is endless.

But is it just me? Am I over-sensitive to this stuff as a result of being schooled in social research methods in my university days?

Well, can you help me to find out? I’m looking for volunteers to keep a track, over a course of either 24 hours or seven days, of how many times they are asked to complete a survey.

Now I realise this is a little bit meta. So rather than calling this a survey itself, it should be thought more of as a journal or a diary. Not that it changes the meta-ness that much, but it makes me feel happier.

If you are interested in taking part, please drop me a line – or @ballantine70

Participants will be rewarded with chocolate.

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