What is a book?

Over the past few years I've toyed with the idea of writing a book. I'm writing pretty much constantly, so pulling together some focus on the themes to produce a coherent tome couldn't be that hard, could it? And a book would give me credibility that a mere blog doesn't have. Would give me something to talk … Continue reading What is a book?

What is… money?

A meeting earlier this week with a chap from Visa Europe spurred a whole load of thoughts about money - and actually what it is... First, some remarkable stats gleaned from the session: one in every six euros spent in Europe in retail (ie excluding things like mortgage and bill payments) is spent via Visa's … Continue reading What is… money?

What is a… newspaper?

Yesterday I found out the news about Bradley Wiggins' road accident from The Sun newspaper. It's not a publication that I bought - but at Waterloo Station in London there are large digital display screens that at the moment have the latest headlines from The Sun newspaper. Except, of course, because it's live and it's digital, … Continue reading What is a… newspaper?

What is a… Cinema?

I was presenting at an event a few weeks back alongside someone whose business is focused on advising people about media intellectual property rights, particularly in the film sector. She gave an interesting analysis that the traditional Hollywood model of "release windows". It used to be the case that the sheer cost of duplication of … Continue reading What is a… Cinema?

What is a… TV?

I remember many years ago my father prophesising that one day TVs would become componentised in the way that hifi systems were, with a separation of modules to be able to allow people to buy the functions that they needed. Dad's maybe not ill-placed to have made such predictions, with the first part of his career spent … Continue reading What is a… TV?