70th of 100

Today's coffee companion is a writer and consultant. We talked about what we have been up to since we last met. We also talked about how management, leadership and organisations are changing, sometimes against their will. The conversation led to an interesting hypothesis, which starts with an assumption - that the skills that one requires … Continue reading 70th of 100

64th of 100

Today's second coffee companion is a project and programme manager. We talked about: the strange reticence to change that emerges in organisations how family businesses are a bit weird but not as weird as PE-backed former family businesses the power of the Startup Priorities cards (a new digital edition coming soon) how the world financial … Continue reading 64th of 100

63rd of 100

Today's first coffee companion is a counsellor specialising in helping prevent burnout. We talked about: our respective careers working without purpose making significant career changes his counselling proposition how burnout is something that our work culture makes difficult to self-identify (if work isn't hurting, somehow you're not working hard enough) how when you have burnt … Continue reading 63rd of 100

62nd of 100

Today's guest is a startup founder. We talked about: the delights of e-bikes and my first commute into the office the startup that he's started up raising awareness of carbon impact amongst school-aged children the skills gaps in the decarbonization sector gamification, and whether it's getting to a point where it's so common is it … Continue reading 62nd of 100

60th of 100

Today's first coffee companion works in the world of developing people's talents. We talked about: The way in which the Elizabeth Line disrupts our mental models of London. Taking big ideas to the board of a company and getting their approval. The long shakeout ahead for how organisations will expect people to work The need … Continue reading 60th of 100

59th of 100

Today's coffee companion is a former colleague from my days at the BBC. We talked about: how my current job is going how the PlayCards are going how different environments aid memory of conversations North Kensington and the North Pole Pub the remaining reasons why people might be digital refuseniks how to encourage people to … Continue reading 59th of 100