45th of 100

Today's coffee companion is a former digital artist, now writer and journalist. We talked about: relocating out of London the distraction of having a nice view out of your office window freelance working changing industry sectors the impact that AI is having on writers how writing in the output from a thought process, not the … Continue reading 45th of 100

44th of 100

Today's coffee companion is a consultant who specialises in organisational transformation. We talked about: Our respective experiences What I am learning from the #100coffees experience the work of Aiden McCullen how there are on average 73 days between 1st January and Easter, and this is the time when there is best opportunity to get anything … Continue reading 44th of 100

Slide decks

A vivid memory I have from growing up in the 1970s was my father's what seemed like annual slide deck preparation. This is, of course, in the days before Harvard Graphics, let alone PowerPoint. Dad was a lecturer at the University of London. He had to prepare lectures for his MSc students, and prepared visual … Continue reading Slide decks

Financial agility

I've spent quite a bit of time this week trying to make agile projects look like waterfall projects to help clients get various pieces of work through financial control and procurement processes on their side. It's kind of frustrating. The world has know for around a quarter of a century that software development works better … Continue reading Financial agility

43rd of 100

Today's coffee companion works in the world of learning and development. We talked about: the crazy competitive world of professional musicianship how many professional musicians are so unsure of their own abilities the importance of serendipity the pejorative view that some have of networking how hard it can be to ask people for things, especially … Continue reading 43rd of 100

Weeknote 623: lest it snow

This week I have learned: the wonderful opportunities you get from spending time with people who are newer into their careers than you and so with very different perspectives. The EvolvE programme at EE is a really interesting initiative and I spent a bunch of time with some of the current cohort this week in … Continue reading Weeknote 623: lest it snow

42nd of 100

How very Douglas Adams. Today's coffee companion is a leadership consultant. We talked about: our respective career histories the PlayCards the way in which playing cards allow people to interact with ideas differently the importance of playfulness in work leadership, and why Servant Leadership is such a strange term to use the importance of leaders … Continue reading 42nd of 100

41 of 100

This morning's coffee companion is a wonderfully innovative individual. We talked about: what we have been up to since we last met the value of unconstrained, agendaless conversations to generate serendipitous events whether this conversation should count as a #100Coffees coffee or not how coffee is a metaphor the things that are currently being looked … Continue reading 41 of 100

40th of 100

Today‚Äôs coffee companion is a Chief Operating Officer for a scale-up company involved with mental health support. We talked about: The dismal state of UK politics The challenges of rearing kids with ADHD The strange lack of contentment amongst Western migrant workers in the Middle East Country versus City living American startups buying up industries … Continue reading 40th of 100