Weeknote 405: Home Alone

This week I have learned: the best part of five days working from home has left me climbing the walls. finding a new tone of voice for the Forbes thing is going to take some time. it's nice to be wanted. Amazon Prime does strange things to my consumer desires. OKR Progress: CxO Priorities: Cut … Continue reading Weeknote 405: Home Alone

The Simple Question Fallacy

Our world is dominated by ideas of problems and solutions. Of questions and answers. And I'm beginning to wonder if there are cognitive biases at play that prevent us from being able to contend with the complexity that often arises from the answers that are required to solve seemingly simple questions. The trigger for this … Continue reading The Simple Question Fallacy

Weeknote 404: Not Found

The temptation to leave this page blank to complete an exceptionally geeky joke is strong, but it's been far too exciting a week to do that. This week I have learned: the incredible experience of spending time away with an incredibly diverse bunch of people at Names Not Numbers. that this way of working can … Continue reading Weeknote 404: Not Found

Weeknote 403: Names Not Numbers

This week I have learned: the joy of travel. that the screen blurring think might seem cool now, but could be a slippery slope. that I'm to become a Forbes Contributor. OKR Progress: CxO Priorities: Speaking to Paul on Monday Tech for non-Techies: Content development continues. WB40 Live: Still shh. Continue to build the consulting … Continue reading Weeknote 403: Names Not Numbers

OMG! We need a Digital Strategy!

Every so often I get asked "What should our digital strategy be?" Now there is a big debate about whether an organisation actually needs a "digital strategy" or not, or if it should be just entwined within general strategy within an organisation. But the latter requires a level of maturity and experience in thinking about … Continue reading OMG! We need a Digital Strategy!

Meetingly.io Avatars

It's been a while since you've heard from us, but given Microsoft's recent announcement's of their new Autobokeh features for Skync for Business Teams, we thought it was time for us to knock them out of the park with Meetingly.io Avatars! Have meetings gotten a little dull in your organisation? Do you sometimes feel that … Continue reading Meetingly.io Avatars

Weeknote 402 – Payment required

This week I have learned: what a beautiful city Budapest is. Well, a beautiful two cities, technically. of the existence of Trinity Buoy Wharf. why you should never let a property developer run a grocer. there are moments where a to-do list is helping but doesn't feel like it. the thinking can be hard sometimes. … Continue reading Weeknote 402 – Payment required

Running effective online meetings

Although web and video conferencing might be second nature to many of us these days, in some organisations as they move to cloud-based collaboration platforms like Office 365 or Google G Suite, on-demand, at the desktop video and screen sharing tools might be a novelty. Even in organisations that have had access to these types … Continue reading Running effective online meetings

Weeknote 401: Unauthorised

This week I have learned: Actually getting a little bit of time to take a walk is really worthwhile. It's really easy to focus on systems to such an extent that you assume that people have the necessary skills to do what ever it is that the system is supposed to support. Fire drills. Fire … Continue reading Weeknote 401: Unauthorised

The evolution of digital work

For some years now I've been using the analogy of the music industry to explore how digitalization can have varying stages. It goes a little something like this. Prior to digital, music was distributed by performance, then printed sheet music, then through vinyl (and to some extent tape). The first wave of digital saw the … Continue reading The evolution of digital work