Weeknote 566 – delayed gratification

This week I have learned: at last someone has engaged with my SAE project. The long burn...introductions from trusted friends are always good. A new set of Priorities cards - provisionally entitled Inclusion Priorities - are on their way.and another set, with a chance to work with a big software company to play some games … Continue reading Weeknote 566 – delayed gratification

Minimum Viable Volume

The history of industrialization is a history of finding scale. Automation of processes so that capital investment in machinery could lead to increased productivity that would, in turn, deliver a return on the capital investment through cheaper to produce, better quality, higher volume goods. The "build it for the exit" model of digital business has … Continue reading Minimum Viable Volume

Weeknote 565: back to it

This week I have learned: that PlayCards need to take another pivot - either to a new format, a new publishing route, or into gentle retirementthat resilience is just another way of saying "don't burst into tears"that negotiation "hardball" necessitates having a very good understanding of the other sides' perspective for risk of finding that … Continue reading Weeknote 565: back to it

Weeknote 564: no “L”

This week I have learned: I need a breakThat shortbread is categorically the best biscuitThe value of a business caseThat the "constant disaster movie" vibe is getting very tiringSchadenfreude may be all we have in politics these daysWatford's longest clean sheet run comes from a viral infectionThere's always space for another Drum machine Next week: … Continue reading Weeknote 564: no “L”

Weeknote 563 – the medium of dance

This week I have learned: that I bought a lot of books this yearthat we could replace Powerpoint with Interpretative Dancethat writing lists helpsthat I think everyone probably is in need of a bit of a breakthat it's nice to be on someone else's podcastthat there's something special about hardware synthsthat John Wilshire makes lovely … Continue reading Weeknote 563 – the medium of dance

Weeknote 561: surgical removal

This week I have learned: The experience of surgeryThe experience of how activity on one part of the body can impact othersThat good plans amount to nowt when they become realityThat providing advice is a nice thingThat saying goodbye is going to be hardThat good things can come from saying "yes" Next week: a year … Continue reading Weeknote 561: surgical removal