Weeknote 356: raining clients

This week I have learned: the power of pictures, even scrappy, hand drawn pictures, in communicating a message that my business is expanding into Europe. Time to get the Irish passport... that my best sales tool is probably an ability to stand up and tell a half-funny story that Twitter Blankety Blank is awesome. Next … Continue reading Weeknote 356: raining clients

Self-imposed barriers

A few years ago I read somewhere (source long since forgotten) of a definition of a game being a series of barriers that players decide voluntarily to overcome. At the time it struck me that that pretty much described much of the business of working, too. Although the volunteer nature of the pursuit may be … Continue reading Self-imposed barriers

Blindly Following Rules

Every year to accompany the Silicon Beach event, those speaking are asked to contribute to a book that is distributed to all attendees. Here's my contribution... A good friend of mine and I enjoy a heated debate. She’s an accountant with opinions. I’m a gob-shite. We both like a glass or two of red with … Continue reading Blindly Following Rules


Back in the early 1980s my then senior school, Bushey Hall, was faced with closure. The local education authority had proposed that the place should be shut, merged into another school a mile or so up the road. Parents and pupils fought the proposal. We organised. We created a petition, and got many thousands of … Continue reading Appocracy