Weeknote 593: exploring

This week I have learned: Sometimes it's not about the technology, but the broader why that teams and organisations are structured. In various conversations with clients this week, challenges of shifting skills, structure and approaches appear to be running alongside challenges of building and deploying tech. It comes back to some of the conversations I … Continue reading Weeknote 593: exploring

Technology as transport

Back in the early days of my career, deciding to do something new with information technology was an expensive business. Before you did anything, you needed hardware; servers to run things on, and software to run on those servers. The things you required arrived in boxes, even the software in the form back then of … Continue reading Technology as transport

The significance of paper

In the recent episode of Malcolm Gladwell's excellent Revisionist History podcast, there was a fascinating revelation about the significance of filling in paper forms in a conversation after the show between Gladwell and Tim Harford (from about 43 minutes into the recording). The short version: doctors in the US in some states have had to … Continue reading The significance of paper

Data consumption

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about concepts of "data products" and how the approaches and methods of Service Design and User-Centred design might be applied to designing data that isn't encapsulated into a user interface. Quite often people in the world of Service Design come from backgrounds that aren't particularly technical. The … Continue reading Data consumption

Weeknote 591: designing data

This week I have learned: I'm getting increasingly curious about how the worlds of user-centred design and data can become more self-supporting. As we move from data as the stuff in systems to data as a thing in itself, how can we design that data and move away from the ivory towers of ER modelling? … Continue reading Weeknote 591: designing data