Weeknote 421: Train delays play

This week I have learned: Get things out there, kids. Until you do, it's all theory. My selling approach isn't highly regarded by seasoned sales professionals. I can probably see their point. We might have another Podcast-Powered Project in the offing. The marketing industry can just do one when it comes to appropriating calendar events … Continue reading Weeknote 421: Train delays play

Weeknote 420: inventories

This week I have learned: distilling three years of work into one thing in a short period of time can feel like cheating, or can feel insubstantial. But maybe that's just imposter syndrome. there appears to be a significant support to the idea of making political data more usable rather than merely accessible. Editing a … Continue reading Weeknote 420: inventories

Is Social Media a Public Health Issue?

Something strange is going on in Westminster. Actually, a whole lot of strange things are going on in Westminster, but there's one in particular that is leaving me concerned. It's the way that it appears that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care  Matt Hancock has taken on responsibility for policy around the … Continue reading Is Social Media a Public Health Issue?

Mediocrity, consciousness, and competence

On last week's WB40, Chris and I spent some time dissecting the arguments put forward in a fascinating article Survival of the Mediocre Mediocre in which Venkatesh Rao proposes that the thing that humans are really good at is being not quite great at a lot of things, and this is the quality that will hold … Continue reading Mediocrity, consciousness, and competence

Weeknote 418 – eight bars

This week I have learned: just keep on starting to spin plates, don't be afraid of them falling, and give a helping hand to the ones with momentum. have an idea, start it, set some boundaries up front. consulting starts from the first conversation. getting feedback about how I'm making a difference is a wonderful … Continue reading Weeknote 418 – eight bars


I've been mucking about with electronic music since my teens. The infamous Smooly Batrash and our one finished track Sandpit. The infamous Sebastian Dangerfield in the 1990s. Infamy, infamy... These days I never really get past fragments. 8-bar loops created on various tools - Reason, Ableton, Korg Gadget, the Akai MPC app and other bits … Continue reading #8Bars

Weeknote 417: in pairs

This week I have learned: facilitating in pairs is a joy even more so when you're working with Matt Desmier the political stuff is now invading my dreams I cannot see any paths through the political stuff some of the stuff people in marketing get away with.. The week in photos: Next week: ends, beginnings, … Continue reading Weeknote 417: in pairs

The loneliness of the long-distance free ranger

"Jump and a net will appear" were the words of wisdom that a colleague at Microsoft have me as I took the plunge into working free range done five and a half years ago. The first year felt like free fall. Should I give up, get a "proper job", knuckle down, put up with things? … Continue reading The loneliness of the long-distance free ranger