Weeknote 511 – Seeking approval

This week I have learned: the board have approved the plan for the next few years.an amazing bread recipe.that I'm a member of the CIO 100.that a group of independent people to act as a sounding board is a very good idea.that I love the #GlobalCanteen.that I've got a lot of tweets to schedule this … Continue reading Weeknote 511 – Seeking approval

Weeknote 510: Polyrhythms

This week I have learned: How to use the Polyrhythm function on my drum machineThat the pauses between words are as important as the words themselves (awesome interview coming up on WB40podcast.com week after next with Liz Stokoe... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtOG5PK8xDA)Meet people before the big meeting190 people in a training event? No worries.That we've have the first … Continue reading Weeknote 510: Polyrhythms

Weeknote 509: locked down too

This week I have learned: That I really can't remember quiet enough about the American constitution and electoral system, but it is 32 years since I studied it at A Level.Thirty two years.This lockdown isn't going to have any of the novelty factor.We need to think less about technology as housebuilding and more about technology … Continue reading Weeknote 509: locked down too

51 for 50 – 2019

A sound system from Glasgow. A singer from Bristol. An opening track that's a cover of a cover. Dancehall. Reggae. Drum and bass.What's not to like? More Fyah is a wonderful little album. And the penultimate one in this collection... https://open.spotify.com/album/4gEwOC20SzNUWXTP7gs8Vx You can see the #51for50 project to date here: https://mmitii.mattballantine.com/category/projects/51-for-50/

Weeknote 508: a sense of completion

This week I have learned: I'm so lucky to know so many great Pele who I can invite onto WB-40.I've spent the last three months writing papers rather than thinking about the future. The price of governance.It's time to start making processes in anger.We need to get our heads around this as the new normal. … Continue reading Weeknote 508: a sense of completion

51 for 50 – 2018

Dirty Computer, Janelle MonĂ¡e's 2018 album, is an incredible work. Black Rights, Feminism, Coming out. But also science fiction dystopia where we become but computers. The tribute to Prince in the form of Make Me Feel. The feature(ish) length video. I've listened to this album so many times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdH2Sy-BlNE https://open.spotify.com/album/2PjlaxlMunGOUvcRzlTbtE?si=7HKhcIT4SIevSinFku8Ciw You can see the #51for50 … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 2018

Getting a return

One of the most pervasive myths that stalks the boardrooms of organisations up and down the country is that investment in digital technology will save that organisation money. It stems from a number of factors, I think. The way in which we structure business cases in most organisations still shapes thinking about technology as a … Continue reading Getting a return