Weeknote 506: a fond farewell

This week I have learned: I think it is possible to have a "good" funeral. Or a "nice" one. Even though the underlying reasons are a bit crap. Take care, Aunty Jenny xxI don't think I could have possibly predicted quite how crap the eventual leaving of the EU looks like being. And I thought … Continue reading Weeknote 506: a fond farewell

Carpentry vs Gardening

On the long drive down the A303 to Somerset yesterday morning, I caught a show on Radio 4 that was exploring the concept of "over parenting". It was an interesting listen, and one thing in particular has been bouncing around my head since, a metaphor for describing two different styles of parenting: the carpenter or … Continue reading Carpentry vs Gardening

Weeknote 505 – sampled beats

This week I have learned: to not be judgemental about using Excel. Well, not as judgemental.once again the power of Working Out Loud.that the new supplier seems to be ace.online events can work...... but sometimes they really don't.that we are in this for the long term.Presenting to a big group is a great way to … Continue reading Weeknote 505 – sampled beats

Weeknote 504: Schadenfreude

This week I have learned: it's been a long time since a derby-day victory.that it's surprising to see more suggestions that it's made up than there are directly wishing ill will.we have completed our first major procurement and have found the end-to-end digital business that I've been looking for for years.even UI look and feel … Continue reading Weeknote 504: Schadenfreude

Shadowless IT

I've never been a big fan of the associations of the concept of "Shadow IT". It's been often portrayed as a bad thing, the result of a Corporate IT department that has lost control. Somehow that those pursuing alternatives to the mandated corporate systems are somehow furtively trying to undermine the power of authority. Ever … Continue reading Shadowless IT