#SAE May – Harry Hornet

The 1970s were a period during which Watford Football Club went through a number of iterations of the club crest. A time before shirt sponsors, and sometimes even kit manufacturers' logos, by 1978 the Club settled on something that is vaguely the same as what is worn on the kit today, a shield containing what … Continue reading #SAE May – Harry Hornet

Weeknote 532 – promoted

This week I have learned: how strange it felt to not be there on Saturday, in person.that remote working might enable us to think differently about transitions between employers.that you can't beat a good pun.the winner of World Cup of Matts was a Mattock. A worthy winner.sometimes the strangest things spark on the socials.Boris Bloody … Continue reading Weeknote 532 – promoted

“Other models of masculinity are available”

There's a story that is embedded in my mind from my time in my very first job nearly three decades ago.A friend of mine was dying. Lymphoma. He'd been in and out of treatment for months, but this trip into hospital looked like it would be his last. Every week we had a meeting for … Continue reading “Other models of masculinity are available”

Weeknote 531 – Beyond Equality

This week I have learned: that there are other men who are willing to talk about what masculinity is and what it should be. And that's been a wonderful experience (blog to follow).is it too soon to think about promotion?it's time to share some stories.doing performance reviews in a team that's performing warms the cockles. … Continue reading Weeknote 531 – Beyond Equality

Weeknote 530: what comes next

This week I have learned: That we are coming close to the end of the planning and justifying stage, and entering the planning and doing stage.There surely must be something better than CVs and interviews.That I might have got over-excitedI'm going to put concerted effort to spend time in person with people I want to … Continue reading Weeknote 530: what comes next

Data and ethics

The BBC recently ran a news item describing how an airliner got into difficulties because of a software flaw. On closer examination, it's probably more precise to say that an airline pilot got into difficulties because some people interpret the meaning of the title "Miss" differently to others, but that's not as snappy, and doesn't … Continue reading Data and ethics

Weeknote 529 – Who’s zooming who?

This week I have learned: I probably just need to use the "bollocks" more in my blogging if I want more readersI'm over the whole Zoom Fatigue narrative. It's pandemic fatigue, possibly followed by national period of mawkishness fatigue.about the best book I've read in ageswhat it's like to experience sunburn, hay fever and snow … Continue reading Weeknote 529 – Who’s zooming who?

Zoomed out?

The world is suffering from Zoom exhaustion, apparently. We find ourselves in a state of permameeting, where hours become but interchangeable units of attention mediated through Zoom, Teams, Meet or, for the really unfortunate, WebEx. Because back in the (prepandemic) day, meetings were great, right? It's not like HBR were publishing articles like this but … Continue reading Zoomed out?