18. Book Reset: days like these

Father's Day. A nice cycle ride by the Thames for breakfast near Hampton Court. A cycle back though a hot and sticky Bushy Park. A brief stop and then to swimming lessons for the eldest. Back for lunch, and then an afternoon of clearing the temporary kitchen to reconfigure into the new temporary kitchen. Put … Continue reading 18. Book Reset: days like these

17. Book Reset: tangential

Today I'm spending a bit of time reviewing the recording of my interview with Phelim McDermott, one of the founders of the improvisational theatre company Improbable. I was introduced to Phelim by Neil Mullarkey, one of my earlier interviewees. I like the chain reaction nature of discovering people to talk to. Early on in the … Continue reading 17. Book Reset: tangential

Weeknote 340: the power of networks

This week I have learned: Defining "what is a record" these days is mighty hard. There's a distinct set of lines between collaborating, knowledge and records NPS surveys get on my goat Politics, eh? Cambridge is a beautiful city with a terrible congestion problem I am making progress Silicon Beach talk will be about embracing … Continue reading Weeknote 340: the power of networks

Innovation networks

I spent some time this week talking about innovation with a client, a privately-held and owner-managed business operating in the UK. One of the challenges that was identified by the people with whom I was working was that there didn't appear to be clear channels through which good ideas could bubble up through the ranks … Continue reading Innovation networks

15. Book Reset – the destinations

If this book is to be a travelogue, then the people I'm going to talk to are a series of destinations. Here's what the map looks like... The improvisers David Schneider - the comedian, writer, director and social media agency founder Neil Mullarkey - one of the founders of the Comedy Store Players Phelim McDermott … Continue reading 15. Book Reset – the destinations