70th of 100

Today's coffee companion is a writer and consultant. We talked about what we have been up to since we last met. We also talked about how management, leadership and organisations are changing, sometimes against their will. The conversation led to an interesting hypothesis, which starts with an assumption - that the skills that one requires … Continue reading 70th of 100

67th of 100

Today's coffee companion runs a small consultancy. We talked about The challenges of being a small business selling to big corporations The way in which time outside a big org appears to be running in slow motion when inside it's going like the clappers Socio-technical thinking the challenge of bringing in revenue, building new business … Continue reading 67th of 100

Weeknote 633: conferenced and out

This week I have learned: 5 days of being with hundreds of colleagues, away for the most part from the day-to-day is a wonderful thing it's also knackering the penguins article has become something of a brainworm. The extent to which we simply don't understand one another is profound, misunderstood, and probably quite fundamental to … Continue reading Weeknote 633: conferenced and out

66th of 100

2/3rds of the way there, yesterday's coffee companion is a designer. We talked about: how design is so much more than graphics my current brainworm about the transfer barrier and how broad collective misunderstanding can be the joy of tactility and how that means playing cards! our collective recent experiences of moving into new organisations … Continue reading 66th of 100

Out of control

Listening to a talk about generative "AI" last night, it dawned on me that there is a lot of conversation at the moment that appears to be conflating two very distinct issues, namely, the potential near emergence of "Artificial General Intelligence" and an apocalyptic scenario where we see humans losing control to machines. The former … Continue reading Out of control