Weeknote 416: 2019

So, 2019. Let's be having you... This week I have learned: the backlog of work that "might" happen has started to turn into "will" happen. Which is a relief. the Lego Plane Game is fairly adaptable. my ability to "press the wrong button" when trying a new technology to make the podcast better quality is … Continue reading Weeknote 416: 2019

Weeknote 415 – Yearnote 2018

Well, that's been an interesting 12 months. Some reflections on the year in no particular order... Play Back in 2016 I thought I was going to write a book. As it turns out next year I might well appear in two, but it'll be no more than a chapter in either. The book's concept, the … Continue reading Weeknote 415 – Yearnote 2018

The #globalcanteen

A couple of weeks ago I was running an event for the technology leadership team of a pharmaceutical company. The team is geographically dispersed across the planet, and one of the things that become clear from our conversations was that they were missing informal contact and conversation. As is often the way when teams are … Continue reading The #globalcanteen

Weeknote 414: Christmas Drinkies

This week I have learned: how staggeringly unaware of the consequences of Brexit might be amongst people who work for big American corporations in the UK selling services to the rest of Europe and not understanding that that occurs because of our membership of the EU. what a nice thing it is to catch up … Continue reading Weeknote 414: Christmas Drinkies

Weeknote 413: Top Tables

This week I have learned: I'm really quite proud of my facilitation skills. If there's one thing I'll say I'm good at, it's that. Sometimes shifting from Portrait to Landscape opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Meetingless papers is a great concept. As is the idea of taking virtual coffee breaks. OKR Progress: … Continue reading Weeknote 413: Top Tables

Meetingless papers

Sometimes my better ideas come from my mildly sarcastic one-liners... A couple of weeks ago I was in a workshop with a group of people when someone said that they were working on a project to promote "Paperless Meetings" within their organisation. "You should be striving for meetingless papers" I quipped. It's been a recurring … Continue reading Meetingless papers

Agile Simulation: Method and Reflections

A bit of a "how to" post reflecting on a session I ran yesterday for the technology team from a retail client. The Brief All of my most exciting pieces of work come at short notice. I spoke with the CIO from the client on Tuesday, and he wanted an interactive and fun session to … Continue reading Agile Simulation: Method and Reflections