Weeknote 584: scaling back

This week I have learned: Assumptions based on thin evidence are easy to make and potentially fatal. Whether it's assuming experience because of the role that someone is in, or lacking context that explains otherwise inexplicable behaviours, we do it all of the time. Generalising is how we make sense of the world. Yet it's … Continue reading Weeknote 584: scaling back

Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

This week I have learned: there seems to be far more conversation in the world about starting things than ending things. Ending things is hard. Will write more about it soon.by running a session with a law firm, I was able to give the PlayCards another go. I have missed running workshops in person. It's … Continue reading Weeknote 583: endings/beginnings

Crossing the divide

On a reasonably regular basis, I get asked to speak at events. I mean, I'm not deluged with offers. And none of them pays me. But it's nice to be wanted. However, requests in the last few months go something like this: Me: Thanks ever so. I'd really like to take part. Full disclosure, though. … Continue reading Crossing the divide

Weeknote 582: decoupling

This week I have learned: the challenges of unpacking thingsintersectionality can raise the hackles in unexpected placesthat in-person events are probably better overall than online ones... but if you promise me breakfast, I need breakfast!that in-person makes family diary management soooo much harderthat an increasing number of "last times" starts to get emotionalthat there are … Continue reading Weeknote 582: decoupling

Forget about the bloody water cooler

A few weeks ago I posted something vaguely witty on Twitter. This is such a regular occurrence that I can't even remember what it was. It was probably funnier in my head than it was on screen. But some people responded to it. Some Likes. Some Retweets. These aren't important to me (of course they … Continue reading Forget about the bloody water cooler

Trump cards

Over the course of what I self-deprecatingly refer to as my "career" I've worked in and with a large number of different organisations in a very varied number of industry sectors. The sociologist in me finds learning about new organisations utterly fascinating, and quickly being able to pick up the nuance of a new setting … Continue reading Trump cards