Conflicting cycles

What time frames does the organisation in which you work operate on? There's the year - financial and calendar (sometimes syncrhonized, but that generally makes for a crap Christmas). There's your "product" cycle - that could be weeks if you are software company, months in fashion, years in automotive or pharma, decades in pensions or … Continue reading Conflicting cycles

Weeknote 370: and the winner is…

This week I have learned: structured procurement exercises are obviously fantastic things (a 20% chance of me saying that). it was long time I went from "we" to "I" in how I represented myself and stamp. The brochure site now duly updated. WB-40's move into WhatsApp seems to be paying dividends. Join the conversation at I … Continue reading Weeknote 370: and the winner is…

Which path to take?

I spend my time flitting from organisation to organisation, across many different sectors, and looking at often quite different challenges. Technology is usually the linking thread, although not always. A question that I'm not hearing being asked in a structured way in organisations today is "Which approach should we be taking?". What instead seems to … Continue reading Which path to take?

The future CIO

“Tell me the future!” It’s a common request. We seem almost hard-wired to seek out prophets and sages, oracles and seers. No wonder then that so many iterations of software product have laid claim to the names of the fortune tellers of the past. Data-driven decision making is an exercise in charting trendlines. The experience … Continue reading The future CIO

A corporate guide to distributed ledgers

I had a fascinating chat last night with the CEO of a fairly large financial services organisation. He is in the process of assessing a few startups who are taking part in an accelerator programme. One of the startups is pushing "Blockchain", but it wasn't entirely clear for what end. There were a couple of … Continue reading A corporate guide to distributed ledgers

Weeknote 368: new year

This week I have learned: I really ought to have paid more attention to my DNS settings. Oh well, lesson learned. 525GB of SSD costs just £125. Laptop duly upgraded. I always feel happier with hardware I can take the lid off and, more importantly, successfully put back on, I guess in a similar way … Continue reading Weeknote 368: new year

Weeknote 367: Yearnote 2017

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun. We'll look to the future previously. 2017 has been an interesting year. It started with a trio of departures that by the end of it left me on the brink of a Mid Life Crisis (TM). Sitting in Aviation House, then home of GDS, on January 12 … Continue reading Weeknote 367: Yearnote 2017