Five years

I got a reminder via LinkedIn this morning that it's now five years since I launched upon this madcap free-range experiment that I call Stamp. Coincidentally it would have been my grandmother's 100th birthday yesterday, and 2013 would have been granddad's centenary. Living to 100 was something that very few of their generation could have … Continue reading Five years

Weeknote 387: Maths Co-processor

This week I have learned: My ability to think on my feet is still pretty good. The competitive spirit that can be provoked in many people who work in corporates leaves me bemused. Working out loud is such an alien concept to so many people. The fear of something so often is so much greater … Continue reading Weeknote 387: Maths Co-processor

Weeknote 386: 32 Bit

This week I have learned: Basically anything useful on the internet that is useful will eventually be overridden with spam. Google seem to be blinding us with natural language processing. It's clever, but it's hardly┬áHer. "Just talk to them" should be everyone's motto. I'm quite taken by the OKR approach. Four day weeks are weird. … Continue reading Weeknote 386: 32 Bit

The collaboration arms race

Yesterday at their I/O conference, Google announced a couple of new developments that place Simulated Intelligence technologies into the world of collaborative platforms. The first, Smart Compose, extends out the quick response features already available in Google Inbox from a single line message (usually things like "Thanks!" or "I'm running late!") into full-blown messages. The … Continue reading The collaboration arms race

Weeknote 385 – there’s no helping some people

This week I have learned: No matter what help you offer, some men just don't understand how current actions reinforce existing societal biases. It's difficult to perceive privilege from a position of privilege, I guess. There again, some men are just massive arseholes. The free delivery option on Amazon is a bizarre thing, and mostly … Continue reading Weeknote 385 – there’s no helping some people

Problem-less solutions

So apparently Theresa May has asked her Brexit subcommittee to go away and think a bit harder about their two proposed solutions to the post-Brexit EU border and customs problem. One of the two approaches has been summarised as: A 'highly streamlined' customs arrangement - This would minimise customs checks rather than getting rid of … Continue reading Problem-less solutions

The curse of busy-ness

We are obsessed with being busy. Think about how you answer the question "How are you?", particularly at work, these days... "Rushed off my feet!" "Back to back!" "Swimming not drowing!" and other such epithets. We use busy-ness as a sign of importance, of status. Of Godliness. The Protestant Work Ethic has a lot to … Continue reading The curse of busy-ness