The Tech Team Value Prop – Customers

I've had a few months now out of running an in-house technology team to be able to start to reflect on the experience. One thing that is particularly notable, and this is true of technology teams and many other professions too is the prevalence of the proverb of Physician, heal thyself. Put simply, too often … Continue reading The Tech Team Value Prop – Customers

Weeknote 600: Six Hundred

Well. Here we are then.The sixth century of weeknotes. Nearly 12 years' worth. That's a lot of weeknotes. The format has changed a bit since I started. They have on occasion become short and cryptic. In recent times they've become a bit more verbose. It's a way to shut down for the weekend. It's a … Continue reading Weeknote 600: Six Hundred

PlayCards – the journey to product Ep. 1

An update on the PlayCards...Back in 2021... After I had had the idea of producing the PlayCards, and after the even better idea of getting a designer involved, I spoke with the wonderful Claire Selby of about how her agency, born of the most creative minds from Kingston University, might help me make the product a reality. … Continue reading PlayCards – the journey to product Ep. 1

Weeknote 599: back in the room

Things I have learned this week: coming back from holiday to an overflowing work Slack is far more confusing than coming back to an overflowing email inbox. Slack is so disjointed - don't get me wrong, email is broken too, but at least in your inbox there is just one place to look. Customer surveys … Continue reading Weeknote 599: back in the room