Sweating the small stuff

I learned how to write 140 character tweets at the age of 16. I'm nearly 47. Let me explain... Back in the day in Watford, the funny little town in which I grew up, we used to have two local newspapers. The Evening Echo was published six times a week, including the exciting Saturday evening … Continue reading Sweating the small stuff

The power of being totally confused

There are two moments in my life that have stuck with me since as some of the most intense and visceral memories I possess. The first was when I was around seven years old. I was at school, Watford Fields, a draughty old Victorian place where I was from five to eight. We arrived as … Continue reading The power of being totally confused

Weeknote 360: circular

This week I have learned: Bought a new telly for the first time in seven years. They've come on a bit, eh? Missenden Abbey provides pretty cost-effective meeting space in lovely surroundings The super Amy Kean has written a book... ... and at lunch this week we also discussed the idea of a conference where nothing … Continue reading Weeknote 360: circular

A limited interpretation

Out of idle curiosity yesterday I spent a bit of time asking the internet the question "What do I need to know to start exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence?" The answers that I received from those nice Mr Brin & Page's marvellous machine were illuminating. There was a lot about mathematics. Statistics in particular. … Continue reading A limited interpretation

It’s all about the people

So according to extensive research published yesterday by Microsoft as part of their annual Future Decoded jamboree, digital transformation is a matter of changing people and behaviours rather than merely technology. Wow. Who knew? But here, it seems to me, is the rub. The sort of decision making in organisations that chooses Microsoft to provide … Continue reading It’s all about the people

The driver-less car

For some years now I’ve been voicing scepticism about the likelihood that we’ll be seeing completely autonomous vehicles buzzing about our streets. Whether on grounds of economics (too many people want to travel at the same time of the day and that’s due to factors unrelated to transport), through human factors (we negotiate city driving … Continue reading The driver-less car

Weeknote 359: electrical sparks

This week I have learned: for the second time in my life that some people will put tidying up ahead of sensible electrical safety that Microsoft's financial reporting has mastered a new level of obfuscation in terms of hiding what's actually going on with their selling of Cloud too many Digital Agencies can only think … Continue reading Weeknote 359: electrical sparks

The Digital Pup

Not for the first time, yesterday I spent some time with a potential client who had been through the digital agency selling process and had, quite frankly, been sold a Digital Pup. Digital lipstick on a pig, if you excuse my mixing of metaphors. Because these days the world of digital agencies has become one … Continue reading The Digital Pup