Bridging the divide

There's a lot of talk about "hybrid" working these days, but probably not a lot of clarity about what it actually might mean. For me there's one key question: how do you allow groups of people to effectively interact when some of them are sharing the same physical space and others are "dialling in". Traditionally … Continue reading Bridging the divide

Weeknote 550: The prisoner’s dilemma

This week I have learned: how the Prisioner's Dilemma can explain many of the challenges for prioritisation across a business.that whilst events might now be happening in person, people aren't necessarily attending matter how many times I check, if I think something is happening at 3pm I will see the appointment in my diary … Continue reading Weeknote 550: The prisoner’s dilemma

Weeknote 549: Secondary School

This week I have learned: quite how much my eldest likes his new school blazer (how much? a lot)how the dynamics of a group can be shaped by so fewhow overwhelming complexity can becomethat the ethics project is right on trackthat I'm already missing Troythat petrol is really messythat I might have a publisherinevitably you … Continue reading Weeknote 549: Secondary School

Weeknote 548: Back to it

This week I have learned: the remarkable ability for some clinicians to exhibit literally no interpersonal skillsthat the easiest way to rebuild a PC these days is to start by buying a new SSDit's still nice meeting in the Zoom Pubthat understanding how to truly redesign services is hard when you are confronted with how … Continue reading Weeknote 548: Back to it

Stages of digital transformation

One of my typically sarcastic tweets seemed to chime with people last week. Parking apps are becoming like Tribbles in the UK. They're cute and fluffy on the outside, but pose a distinct risk of overpopulating your smartphone. Unlike Tribbles, the also mostly offer a truly terrible user experience. They provide a good case … Continue reading Stages of digital transformation


I’ve recently started running. Well, I say running. It’s more like short bursts of below par jogging interspersed with heavy breathing and walking. Yes, I’m doing the Couch to 5k programme. It’s got me thinking about my relationship with sport and exercise. And particularly how ideas of sport and sporting excellence have significantly clouded my … Continue reading Sport