Anniversary notes

Today marks two anniversaries in my professional life; the 9th of me writing my first Weeknote, and the 6th of launching the Stamp thing onto the world. I'm quite amazed that I've been able to keep up the weeknoting habit. Started after a reading an article in Wired, and thinking it seemed like a good … Continue reading Anniversary notes

Weeknote 432: Podcasting Plenty

This week I have learned: the Podcast-Powered Projects stuff might just be the best idea I've yet been involved with. the book is continuing to develop. the WB-40 listenership are lovely, lovely people. concerns about my impending trip to Debtors' Gaol have been marginally assuaged (but, you know, I'm always available for weddings, funerals, bar-mitzvahs … Continue reading Weeknote 432: Podcasting Plenty

Weeknote 430: co-floundering

This week I have learned: I appear to have gone from three co-founders to one founder at an alarming rate of knots. Hey ho. Professional game designers. Fascinating. I ask for a room to use for the afternoon. God answers. The Grief Curve is a funny thing. Especially when combined with relief. I love Decathlon. … Continue reading Weeknote 430: co-floundering

What three questions?

I love simple questions that have complex and nuanced answers. In a conversation with my dad at the weekend, we came up with three that might for the starting point for a deep dialogue with a group of people about how they work together. The first one is one I've used a fair bit already, … Continue reading What three questions?

What if “commodity” IT isn’t a commodity?

Fungible is one of those words that sounds like it should be onomatopeiac but isn't. It does, though, represent a crucial element of what makes something a commodity: fungible means that you can swap in and out without concern. For example, I can buy Tate and Lyle white sugar or Silver Spoon white sugar, put … Continue reading What if “commodity” IT isn’t a commodity?

What if your systems are the result of your culture?

Semiotics is something in which I'm becoming increasingly obsessed. The study of signs and signals to understand underlying culture and beliefs, it's a method of interpreting the world around us at more than face value. In my work over many years now I have regularly heard the words Culture and Behaviour used interchangeably, and the … Continue reading What if your systems are the result of your culture?

10 questions to ask about collaboration

I'm currently working with colleagues at the Leading Edge Forum to pull together some of the work that I've done with them on the concept of collaboration. Checklists of questions are often a useful tool, so here are 10 questions you can ask when thinking about improving collaboration in your organisation... 1. How well does … Continue reading 10 questions to ask about collaboration