Adventures in the metaverse

Over the weekend I joined a group of friends for our annual just after Christmas Christmas dinner. Alongside the traditions of exorbitant amounts of cheese and probably too much wine, people bring along games to play. I took my Meta Quest 2 VR headset. None of my five friends had experienced "room-scale" VR before - … Continue reading Adventures in the metaverse

Weeknote 615 – in person

This week I have learned: that every so often I will get a hold of some piece of technology and it will totally live up to my expectations. The Emeo Saxophone is one of those pieces of technology. Hardware and software combined, and a perfect example of how devices like the Arduino can allow small … Continue reading Weeknote 615 – in person

7th of 100

Today's first coffee companion is a former Head of IT who has impeccable taste in podcasts. We talked about the strange world of utility companies and how the legacy of Hull keeping its telecoms independent of the national network has resulted in some of the fastest internet connections in Europe. We talked about how gas … Continue reading 7th of 100

6th of 100

Today's #100coffees coffee companion is a management coach who came from the world of marketing strategy. We talked about the importance of loose connections and how relationships that exist between people from different organisations are often stronger than those that exist between people within organisations - exploring a metaphor of organisations as families where just … Continue reading 6th of 100

Brown Bag Conversations

In 2023 I will continue exploring ideas about how relationship-building works in the increasingly hybrid working environment in which we now find ourselves. Whilst there is a wealth of information and people talking about how organisations embrace the new world of office work, the coverage given to inter-organisational working is not as explicit. Many professional … Continue reading Brown Bag Conversations

4th and 5th of 100

A couple more virtual (and tea-based) coffee catch-ups today to close off the first week back at work in 2023. The first was with a colleague based in the Manchester office. We talked about how we might as an organisation introduce more Service Design and User Centred Design work into what we do with clients, … Continue reading 4th and 5th of 100

Weeknote 614: sinkhole

This week I have learned: about sinkholes. Well, a little bit about sinkholes. A hole opened up at the road at the other end of our street. It's a main road, and it's meant that there's been significant disruption. Buses re-routed and whatnot. The way the local authority, transport services and police have all co-ordinated … Continue reading Weeknote 614: sinkhole