51 for 50 – 1974

The godfather of rap? Possibly. Gil Scott Heron set the mould for bombastic, political rhyme that would be followed years later by the likes of Public Enemy. But alongside the polemic, there was also the tender. Songs like Lady Day and John Coltrane and When You Are Who You Are are simply great pop songs. … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 1974

Weeknote 465: Yearnote 2019

Well, that's been quite a year. At the beginning of 2019 I was continuing my adventures with Stamp. As the year draws to a close, I'm starting to understand the course of my adventures with RHP. The transition from free-range consultant back into full-time employee has been a welcome one. I've made some great relationships … Continue reading Weeknote 465: Yearnote 2019

51 for 50 – 1973

The first artist on this list that I’ve actually seen perform live, Herbie Hancock first came into my field of musical view from his crossover hit Rockit in my hip hop-obsessed early teens. In my twenties, occasionally getting the chance to DJ chill out rooms at the hard house nights that friends ran in Camden, … Continue reading 51 for 50 – 1973

Weeknote 464: End of the line

This week I have learned: the callous, psychopathic nature of the way in which multi-national corporates can drop their relationship with a long-term member of staff on a whim. that my interest in UK politics has now basically come to an end, if only to protect my own sanity. that cumulative "quick fixes" can exponentially … Continue reading Weeknote 464: End of the line

Weeknote 463 – Twickers

This week I have learned: The haka, whilst standing pitch side at Twickenham That decarbonisation is a systems-thinking challenge That the problems always sit at the boundaries That a constantly crashing PC really buggers up a great interview That I've pretty much given up on both football and politics Next week: a statement of intent … Continue reading Weeknote 463 – Twickers