“And you return the favour”

When I started a job as a consultant for a management training company back in 2005, I vividly remember a conversation over dinner with my school friend Cath. “I don't know how you could do that. Whenever I go on training courses I spend the whole time petrified that the trainer is going to point at … Continue reading “And you return the favour”

Weeknote 329: juniper

This week I have learned: how to make gin that games without rules tend to pan out in ways you don't quite expect those fondest of military metaphors are possibly most likely to get cross when it's suggested to try something else ExCeL London is rather long dumb asides in front of a journalist can cost … Continue reading Weeknote 329: juniper


I've been using LinkedIn since 2004. It's been a constant past of my working life for those 13 years. I've been a subscriber for about 7 years. In that time my monthly subscription has crept up surreptitiously to now be more than double what it was when I started paying for additional access to the … Continue reading LinkedOut

Robot propaganda

Every picture tells a story. These days in the realm of social networks, click rates and the hunt for audience it's more like every picture sells a story. Imagery is vital to online content. The featured images that get scraped and then catch the eye as articles are tweeted and favorited. The decorative fly in … Continue reading Robot propaganda

The influence of the network

Another fascinating day at Julia Hobsbawm's Names Not Numbers event in London. It's a hugely eclectic day, yesterday spanning the role of theatre in politics, advances in the life sciences, David Bowie, the neuroscience of truth and an interview with the artist Maggi Hambling who I think has now become my favourite sweary creative (wrestling the … Continue reading The influence of the network

User-centred HR

The meandering path of the comb-shaped professional means that one can end up doing work that one wasn't expecting. In fact, it's fair to say that most of my work these days falls into this category. And so as such I currently find myself on an assignment looking at the way in which modern cloud-based … Continue reading User-centred HR

Weeknote 327: playing around

This week I have learned: that I have apparently become a product owner (interim) that the key to improvisation is listening (thanks to Neil Mullarky) that Customer Experience should maybe become an optional extra that I bloody love radio Next week: trying to work out what being a product owner (interim) actually means, and a … Continue reading Weeknote 327: playing around