“And you return the favour”

When I started a job as a consultant for a management training company back in 2005, I vividly remember a conversation over dinner with my school friend Cath. “I don't know how you could do that. Whenever I go on training courses I spend the whole time petrified that the trainer is going to point at … Continue reading “And you return the favour”

The rise of the cost-benefit robots

And so the insurrection is beginning. Last week Japanese insurance Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance announced that it was going to be replacing 34 staff with an artificial intelligence that would be calculating payouts (although, it noted, with human oversight still making final approvals). The technology would improve productivity by 30% and the firm expected to save some … Continue reading The rise of the cost-benefit robots

The Agile Stage

The circumstances that led up to my meeting with David Schneider are a microcosm of the sorts of things that I think organisations (and we individually) need to do to be able to survive and flourish in our ever-ambiguous modern world. Social networks enable us to make connections with people with an ease that just … Continue reading The Agile Stage

The need to play

For many years IT departments struggled with the idea that the way in which they delivered services should be based around delivering to the needs of their business. Technology projects would be self-serving, and as a result often fail to deliver anything of value. In the 1990s we started to see the rise of business case-led … Continue reading The need to play

The Play Book Toybox

As I continue to explore themes and topics as part of the research for my book, I'm stumbling across interesting resources that can help individuals and organisations to up their capabilities to play - particularly play of the tinkering variety. This page will be a reference point for them along the way... Creative Toys 130 … Continue reading The Play Book Toybox

Virtually reality

My esteemed former colleague Euan Semple published an interesting little video on YouTube yesterday. I think I've seen the "Ambulance Drone" clip before, but through my new-found PRTech lenses, I smelt something of a rat, and called it out. "Spoilsport" said Euan, quite rightly. https://youtu.be/y-rEI4bezWc For the record, Ambulance Drone was a design concept from a … Continue reading Virtually reality

Three things innovators can learn from Lego

As they get older (and they are still only 5 and 6) I increasingly find I'm learning from my kids, both in what they tell me and also in what I can observe. Take, for example, how they play with Lego (or "Legos" if you are American - although why, if you're American you can't … Continue reading Three things innovators can learn from Lego

The tools of mass creation

My earliest experiences of computers were as them being tools of creativity, and that's framed my use of them ever since. The BBC Micro didn't really do much unless you gave it fairly comprehensive instructions. Sure, they could be used to play pre-bought games, but in the very early days the thing came with a … Continue reading The tools of mass creation