digita10: 2012: Teddington High Street

  And the final shot of the series showing my ten years of digital photography was taken by my eldest son. Who's two and a bit. It's not the greatest photo in the world; it's probably not even very good. But he loves taking photos, and they all come from his unique, slightly down on … Continue reading digita10: 2012: Teddington High Street

digita10: 2010: Milo

Continuing the short series celebrating my 10 years of digital photography... As if to prove the point about kids taking over one's photos, in 2010, one year, one month, one week and two days after his brother appeared on the scene, our second child Milo was born. Here he is in the arms of his … Continue reading digita10: 2010: Milo

digita10: 2006: Bergen

Continuing the short series... In February 2006 I spent 10 days with an old mate Jon travelling from Bergen up to Kirkenes, far up in the Arctic Circle and back again, traversing the  coast of Northern Norway aboard the Hurtigruten ferry service. It was a stunning trip, and also was the reason why I bought … Continue reading digita10: 2006: Bergen

digita10: 2005: Arcadia

Continuing the short series... In the autumn of 2005 I moved to Richmond in South West London. Initially I rented a flat near to the top of Richmond Hill, from where this photo was taken on a cold and misty November evening. The view of Arcadia - looking down the Thames through to Petersham and … Continue reading digita10: 2005: Arcadia

digita10: 2004: Berlin

Continuing the series celebrating my ten years of digital photography, this shot was taken in Berlin during a trip with a few friends in the Spring of 2004. At the time the haunting Holocaust Memorial was under construction, and the grey monoliths from which it is constructed were largely in place, but many were still … Continue reading digita10: 2004: Berlin

digita10: 2002: Geysir

This October will mark 10 years since I made the switch from film to digital photography. It seems at like only yesterday, and yet at the same time unimaginable that not only you had to wait until a reel was exposed and developed before you knew what you had taken, but also that the only … Continue reading digita10: 2002: Geysir