Weeknote 460 – budgets

This week I have learned: I have basically lost interest in politics. It is possible to fit a remarkable number of words onto a PowerPoint slide if you try really hard. That being given a structure to follow can help crystallize ideas. Getting some roadshows up and running, getting folk out and seeing people as … Continue reading Weeknote 460 – budgets

Weeknote 459: #cardstock

This week I have learned: Many of the challenges facing social housing as a sector are far broader than bricks and mortar; economic deprivation, substance abuse, mental and physical health. Housing associations can't possibly solve all of that. But we can focus on those things that we can control and influence. Three simple questions: who … Continue reading Weeknote 459: #cardstock

Weeknote 458: The First Clapham Global Digital Sociology Conference, 2019

This week I have learned: that there are a few other folks in the world of digital and technology who come from a background in sociology- a fab meet up with Lisa Talia Moretti in the week to talk about people-centric approaches to technology and change. so much about how housing stock enters into the … Continue reading Weeknote 458: The First Clapham Global Digital Sociology Conference, 2019

Weeknote 457 – jigsaws

Things I have learned this week: Joining a new organisation is a little bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I'm currently at the stage where I'm trying to find the corner and edge pieces, and wondering where someone hid the box with the picture on it! It's great to meet my immediate team in technology … Continue reading Weeknote 457 – jigsaws

Weeknote 455: card play

This week I have learned: the Czech word ┼ákoda means "damage" Germans refer to quotation marks as "Geese Feet"... ... at the @ sign as "spider monkey". I still have cognitive dissonance with the idea of a posh hotel in Watford. I mean, we used to have one called the Spider's Web... The cards get … Continue reading Weeknote 455: card play

Weeknote 453: Simon

At the weekend I heard the terrible news that my friend and former Imagination colleague Simon King had passed away, quite suddenly, a few days before. I've had two really great bosses in my working life. Simon was one of them. The support, space, assistance and occasional kick up the arse that he provided in … Continue reading Weeknote 453: Simon