Weeknote 535: stop-starting

This week I have learned: How to make baklavaThat by making a decision to stop something, you open up a huge new world of possibilitiesThat I refuse to believe that this is the best that the summer has to offerThat maybe we need to form urban remote working communitiesThat I might be bottom of the … Continue reading Weeknote 535: stop-starting

Weeknote 534: sustainable

This week I have learned: Maybe we need sustainable, not high, performance?That elections are just Goodhart and Campbell in actionThat yet another thing has come up that means I can't make CardstockThat after a year of avoiding risks, learning how to take them again is going to be hardThe book is dead. Long live the … Continue reading Weeknote 534: sustainable

Weeknote 532 – promoted

This week I have learned: how strange it felt to not be there on Saturday, in person.that remote working might enable us to think differently about transitions between employers.that you can't beat a good pun.the winner of World Cup of Matts was a Mattock. A worthy winner.sometimes the strangest things spark on the socials.Boris Bloody … Continue reading Weeknote 532 – promoted