Reframing problems

My younger son can get overly focused on things. A couple of days ago it was the Eight Queens Puzzle. The puzzle is relatively simple to explain. You need to place eight chess queens onto a chessboard in such a way that no piece can take another piece. There are millions of permutations of how … Continue reading Reframing problems

The Creativator

"A bit like a fruit machine" were the words that my co-conspirator Simon White muttered as we sat around my dining table planning out an innovation programme for a client. He was describing a technique that he had developed to help people generate ideas, based around using three categories from which random entries could be … Continue reading The Creativator

Innovation in 4 diagrams – the summary

Over the past six years, I've been working with all sorts of clients in all sorts of sectors. I'm constantly adapting and iterating my approaches from the work that I do, and here's where I am currently at when it comes to helping my clients to establish models and approaches to do things differently. This … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – the summary

Innovation in 4 diagrams – 4. The Skills of the Bricoleur

Now we have established that there are different approaches required for doing things where we don't know the solution, to those when we do, let's now unpack that skill set. Let's look at the Skills of the Bricoleur. First of all there is a collective mindset required, that which wants to Collaborate. Working Out Loud … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – 4. The Skills of the Bricoleur

Innovation in 4 diagrams – 2. The 3P Model

Having explored the drive for change because of changing expectations, the next step one can take is to examine what the current state of products and services look like. Enter the 3P model. At the core of 3P is the old adage, it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it. It's … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – 2. The 3P Model

Innovation in 4 diagrams – 1. Digital Architecture

Every so often I need to take stock and outline where my thinking is at. This is one of those moments. In the past few months my work increasingly has turned to helping my clients to plot courses through the need to make change happen to the services that they deliver to their clients and … Continue reading Innovation in 4 diagrams – 1. Digital Architecture

Carbon Consumers

This week was partly spent planning an innovation event for a client in the utilities sector. We have been developing a few scenarios that can be used as part of the event to help participants to push at the boundaries of what might be possible in the future when thinking about doing things differently. We … Continue reading Carbon Consumers

Be more firefighter

We are constantly confronting the need for change in our organisations. Change at an institutional level, at a team level all the way down to the actions and behaviours of individuals. The world around us is mutating, and we need to adapt to accommodate that change. Yet if you ask people why they can't change, … Continue reading Be more firefighter

The Word Cloud Game

It's been a week of interviewing as part of research with a client. And for the first time I've been using to record the conversations. We've been playing around with Otter for a while to do transcriptions and help with editing on WB-40, but this is the first time I've used it to help with … Continue reading The Word Cloud Game

Virtual rooms

Anyone who regularly delivers workshops or presentations will know the massive impact that the layout of a room will have on the session. An audience laid out in the lines of a theatre auditorium will be in receive mode.  Put them around tables in "Cabaret" style and they'll talk to one another more readily. Put … Continue reading Virtual rooms