Maslow’s hierarchy of User Needs

One of the most often cited bits of psychology that haunts the corridors of organisations and management training is Abraham Maslow's 1940s theory of human motivation, The Hierarchy of Needs. As with any well established model, there is critique, but nonetheless it forms a useful and popular way of visualising what it is that motivates … Continue reading Maslow’s hierarchy of User Needs

Evolution, not intelligent design

Eight or so years ago, I found myself at a software developer event organised by the US company Twilio. If you are not familiar, Twilio provide software that allows other people building apps to connect their products and services to the telephone system. They enable you to integrate with voice and text messages without the … Continue reading Evolution, not intelligent design

A return to skeuomorphism?

A few years ago a debate raged in design circles. Skeuomorphism, the use of analogous reference to real-world objects for no practical purpose, was much beloved in the design language of Apple.From faux leather backgrounds to mock metal grilles, fragments of real world objects were littered all over the digital tools and services that people … Continue reading A return to skeuomorphism?

One version of the truth

I sat through a software product demo this morning. The name of the product isn't relevant: I heard the words "one version of the truth" a few times, and also sat wondering if the self-same claims made today were being made about Lotus Notes back in the days when we called social "groupware". The words … Continue reading One version of the truth