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There are a few events in the diary over the coming months…

I’m running seminars at the IT Directors’ Forum in a fortnight on a boat. You can preview the materials for that here, and I plan to have a video of the content available next week.

I’m currently in conversation with ComputerWorld about appearing at an event that they are organising in conjunction with Intel in late June. More on that as I get it.

In the first week of July I’m speaking at Spark the Change, which is an event I’m inordinately excited about. You can see my working on what I’ll be talking about there, here.

And there is a remote possibility I’ll be at Silicon Beach again this year, although they currently have their appropriate EU allocation of baldy beardy slapheads. But I would whole heartedly recommend it whether I’m speaking or not. Actually, I’d probably recommend it more if I’m not…

If you’re interest in me coming along to speak at your event, either internal or public, do drop me a line.

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