Weeknote 426 – playful feedback

This week I have learned: to experiment with the other end of the consulting process and play. the perilous state that government organisations are being placed in by the nonsense that is Brexit that I will now protest that probably the "just one more" is usually a silly idea that good things come when you … Continue reading Weeknote 426 – playful feedback

Weeknote 425: meeting new clients

This week I have learned: the mild fear of beginning a new engagement with a client is quickly dissipated when you actually get to meet the people. I get to meet some great people in my work. I get to meet some wonderful people in this work. Ipswich can be very windy. the answer to … Continue reading Weeknote 425: meeting new clients

Weeknote 424: Sole Trader

This week I have learned: I might need to incorporate because corporates are incapable of dealing with anything but companies, even though companies were supposed to be legally equivalent to people. The costs incurred will be passed on to my future clients if I do go down that route. That flowchart will follow me to … Continue reading Weeknote 424: Sole Trader

Weeknote 423: playing/pitching

This week I have learned: there is something in the Podcast Powered Projects thing. We have a client. go in on spec, play card games, gain new client (probably). One of the most enjoyable 2 hours of my working life. sometimes it's basically a hard deadline you need to think laterally (and to pull one's … Continue reading Weeknote 423: playing/pitching

Weeknote 422: colouring outside the lines

This week I have learned: leading a horse to water might be harder than the proverb suggests. building relationships to work in partnership for clients is so central to what I do. Podcast Powered Projects are go! (more to follow) It's nice being on the other side of the podcast mic once in a while. … Continue reading Weeknote 422: colouring outside the lines

Weeknote 421: Train delays play

This week I have learned: Get things out there, kids. Until you do, it's all theory. My selling approach isn't highly regarded by seasoned sales professionals. I can probably see their point. We might have another Podcast-Powered Project in the offing. The marketing industry can just do one when it comes to appropriating calendar events … Continue reading Weeknote 421: Train delays play

Weeknote 420: inventories

This week I have learned: distilling three years of work into one thing in a short period of time can feel like cheating, or can feel insubstantial. But maybe that's just imposter syndrome. there appears to be a significant support to the idea of making political data more usable rather than merely accessible. Editing a … Continue reading Weeknote 420: inventories

Weeknote 418 – eight bars

This week I have learned: just keep on starting to spin plates, don't be afraid of them falling, and give a helping hand to the ones with momentum. have an idea, start it, set some boundaries up front. consulting starts from the first conversation. getting feedback about how I'm making a difference is a wonderful … Continue reading Weeknote 418 – eight bars