The temptation to leave this page blank to complete an exceptionally geeky joke is strong, but it’s been far too exciting a week to do that.

This week I have learned:

  • the incredible experience of spending time away with an incredibly diverse bunch of people at Names Not Numbers.
  • that this way of working can sometimes feel like not so much “one door closes, another opens” as a multidimensional series of revolving doors that may or may not be interconnected, or even existing.
  • there is quite a lot of tech that is really rather complicated, but the key to it is often to find the story that underpins.
  • ExCeL is really a pain in the arse in so many ways.
  • pressing “Publish” on the first Forbes article was terrifying.
  • quite a lot of people want to find out how I got to be able to do what it is that I do. I wish I knew what it is that I do, but the backstory is relatively clear to me.
  • start working on the next s-curve before you peak on the current one. Concurrent s-curves are advisable.
  • doing a different thing in a different venue every day is both exhilarating and exhausting.

OKR Progress:

  • CxO Priorities:
    I need to create a cut-down version to give away in swag bags at a couple of events. They will probably take the form of a Pokemon card-like subset. Need to finalise the HR set creation plan for next week.
  • Tech for non-Techies:
    Content development continues slowly.
  • WB40 Live:
    There will be a Christmas walk, in Birmingham in December.
  • Continue to build the consulting business:
    One potential partnership is in discussions. I’m also working on a Data Jazz/Data Poetry idea, more details of which come soon (hopefully).

The week in photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week: contractual obligations.

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