This week I have learned:

  • I really do like starting things
  • There’s a huge gap in the way big tech firms push collaboration software. They neglect to think about the groups, focusing too much on the individual
  • The power of music, the shared experience of music, is something I forget about too often
  • The new podcast project is taking shape quickly
  • For all the pipelines, stuff just appears
  • Dear god traditional banks are awful
  • The Institute of Data Jazz might yet be a thing.

OKR Progress:

  • CxO Priorities:
    Chasing feedback
  • Tech for non-Techies:
    I fear this might have become a Norwegian Blue Project
  • WB40 Live:
    We now have enough volunteers for the 100th Episode Book. A book requires a book launch, right?
  • Continue to build the consulting business:
    Two new opportunities this week

The week in photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week: Cambridge becomes a regular commute.

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