Things that I have learned this week:

  • Building products is fun.
  • Building products with other people is even more fun.
  • Building products that aren’t software is even more fun than that.
  • There’s something about the eyes sparkling, moment of revelation thing that’s addictive when you are able to inspire it in others. It’s why I still go back to running “training” every so often.
  • Being able to fairly quickly assimilate key things about an organisation is probably one of my strengths.
  • Wide angle lenses are great fun.
  • Twitter. This week I was able to create a conversation between a leading tech journalist, a senior exec at Verizon, a former senior exec at Microsoft and Tom Bloody Peters. There’s no other medium in which that could have happened.

  • Whenever I call out on why Microsoft are really opaque about how many people are actually using the Microsoft cloud services, rather than vague percentages, a bunch of Microsofters will always jump on me. But if Cloud is so big, why aren’t they more transparent? And if Cloud really is that big why does so much of the Cloud parts of Office 365 just not work very well?
  • The Surface tablet is a pointless object. By a laptop or buy an iPad.
  • I do like a bit of guest blogging… especially when it comes with the luxury of an editor:

OKR Progress:

  • CxO Priorities:
    First run of CMO Priorities designed, tested and printed.
    First commercial orders for CIO Priorities received (I don’t expect that to ever be a huge thing, which is why they’re available under Creative Commons. There’s also no margin in them despite the price).
    Starting to get more field stories of how they are being used (to great success, it seems).
    Identified some collaborators for the next set – the CHRO Priorities.
  • Tech for non-Techies: This needs more attention.
  • WB40 Live: I think this is going to drop off the list.
  • Continue to build the consulting business: met with new potential collaboration consulting client.

On advice, I’m going to re-assess these when back from holidays next month.

The week in pictures:

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Next week:

Five working days, then safari.

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