This week I have learned:

  • what a beautiful city Budapest is. Well, a beautiful two cities, technically.
  • of the existence of Trinity Buoy Wharf.
  • why you should never let a property developer run a grocer.
  • there are moments where a to-do list is helping but doesn’t feel like it.
  • the thinking can be hard sometimes.

OKR Progress:

  • CxO Priorities:
    May now do something at Paul Armstrong’s November event…
  • Tech for non-Techies:
    Content development continues.
  • WB40 Live:
    Still shh.
  • Continue to build the consulting business:
    Did sprintbase certification training this week and now thinking about how a Design Thinking service for IT groups looking at their own service offer (whilst upskilling themselves with Design Thinking) might be a valuable thing.

The week in pictures:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week: Names not Numbers, and a trip to The Wirral.

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