It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but given Microsoft’s recent announcement’s of their new Autobokeh features for Skync for Business Teams, we thought it was time for us to knock them out of the park with Avatars!

Have meetings gotten a little dull in your organisation? Do you sometimes feel that you lack gravitas or authority? Avatars provide an augmented reality meeting simulation service powered by AI Blockchain that will meet your “I’ve got a bigger one than you” corporate conferencing requirements!

Rather than appear as yourself, Avatars provide a number of fun and functional persona with which you can enhance your online presence! Choose from:

The Royals

Act like you own them! Appear in your meetings as one of a selection of monarchs from across the ages; wield total power like Henry VIII; exert global authority as Elizabeth I; get grumpy as Victoria; resign like Edward VIII!

The Dictators

When business means business, select from a hand-picked smorgasbord of European, Asian and African dictators. We’re currently in conversations with our legal team about how far we can push this one.

The Cosplay

Add fun to work with a groovy selection of superheroes and super villains. Conversations are underway with famous brand licensors to select the spandex that suits!

The Tailor’s Trick

Struggle with confidence when public speaking? Heard the old trick of imagining your audience naked? With’s Tailor’s Trick extension now you can actually see your audience naked. (HR Policies may need to be adapted).

Please note that Classic has now been sunsetted. It’s all about the pivot, people!

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