Welcome to the future of business productivity. Welcome to meetingly.io.

With our CloudBigDataScienceCloud patented heuristic algorithms, meetingly.io’s HRV (Human Resource Virtualisation) engine enables your staff to quadruple their productivity through meeting automation. With a simple button click integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps and all major App Platforms, meetings become meetingly.io automeetings.

Schedule, click, forget.

Meetings are run virtually, in CloudSpace, leaving your people free to get on with the tasks at which they excel: choosing fonts on presentation decks, tinkering with spreadsheets, and leaving passive-aggressive PostIt notes in the office fridge.

Coming soon on our agile product roadmap is SimulMeetingly.io.

SimulMeetingly.io draws on two decades of sports management simulation to provide interactive, 3D realtime meeting simulations in which your gamified employees can control their meeting avatars to deliver 100% meeting efficiency with 0% engagement.

meetingly.io is the future of collaborative meeting productivity.

meetingly.io frees up office meeting rooms so that you can deploy the latest innovations in office furniture toys.

meetingly.io, from stampLabs.


Now of course if the Internet weren’t the land that irony forgot I could stop now and have made my point successfully. But, as we all know…

“Too many meetings” is a refrain I hear frequently across organisations with which I work. People hate meetings. But if working with other people in the same time and (maybe virtual) space isn’t the point of (especially) knowledge workers, what is? Sitting isolated banging away at documents and spreadsheets can’t really be seen as a more useful deployment of effort, can it?

The answer isn’t fewer meetings, necessarily. The answer is rethinking how we more productively interact with one another. And whilst my flight of meetingly.io fancy might sound ludicrous, I can’t believe that there aren’t people somewhere thinking pretty much exactly along those lines. That somehow the mechanical nature of many meetings could be automated, removing the necessity for the things entirely?

But the mechanics of meetings aren’t the point. It’s the stuff that happens in them that should be. The conversations, the challenges, the interaction. All the stuff that too often meeting structure prohibits. The stuff that makes us human.

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