This week I have learned;

– it’s not so much “when one door closes, another door opens” as “will somebody please slow these ruddy revolving doors down before I puke!”
– being recognised by complete strangers because of one’s online activity is still a little unnerving (that sounds a lot more sordid than I meant)
– once you start to get into the mindset of pursuing opportunities, it becomes difficult to stop. That’s not a bad thing, but within the constraints of some “roles” it can be confusing at times.
– Watford being promoted to the top flight is something that has only happened four times in my entire lifetime. It’s been great every time.
– I’m really looking forward to trying to build a head of steam around my latest obsession –

Next week: a party at Vicarage Road, a Bank Holiday (or “non-billable hours” as I now tend to refer to them) and a couple more leads to pursue.

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