This week I have learned:

  • despite my Irish loyalties, I became involved this time.
  • get out there. Feel uncomfortable. Test yourself.
  • a different talk every time isn’t the way to build a business as a speaker. But where’s the fun in saying the same stuff over and over again?
  • My little boy’s leaving infant school. I’m amazed how quickly this is passing.
  • There’s a huge gap in people and management capability in most tech teams.
  • The WB40 WhatsApp group is becoming one of the most useful resources in my professional life. I wasn’t expecting that when I started doing a podcast.
  • Two weeks left. Then big adventure.

OKR Progress:

  • CIO Priorities: a new game tested. Org design testing seems to be a good fit. New idea to add to next run is providing wildcards. Continuing conversations with David from Global about using them with his team. Good conversations with Adrian W about combining some of the cards content into his transformation model.
  • Tech for non-Techies: Rest of today is writing up where we are currently at with the content design.
  • WB40 Live: No progress this week, bar some venue suggestions via Paul A.
  • Continue to build the consulting business: new relationships built with a big consulting firm and a small CRM marketing firm.

The week in pictures:

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