This week I have learned:

  • Actually getting a little bit of time to take a walk is really worthwhile.
  • It’s really easy to focus on systems to such an extent that you assume that people have the necessary skills to do what ever it is that the system is supposed to support.
  • Fire drills. Fire breaks. Why do so many IT metaphors invoke ideas of disasters?
  • The way we greet foreign nationals at UK airports, the signage, the general attitude, is essentially painting a very large “Fuck Off Johnny Foreigner” on the runway.
  • I feel a sense of achievement and calm now my Irish passport application is in the post.

OKR Progress:

  • CxO Priorities:
    Now on hold until October.
  • Tech for non-Techies:
    Content development continues.
  • WB40 Live:
  • Continue to build the consulting business:
    Cross selling and opportunity chasing.

The week in pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week: Certification

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