This week I have learned:

  • the old Likely Lads thing about not finding out the score is utterly impossible in our connected world.
  • Cambridge is basically a theme park from the mind of JK Rowling and a bunch of drunk academics. That’s not to say that it’s not utterly enchanting.
  • there are few things as pleasurable in working life that the sense of fun that is generated by giving Lego to groups of complete strangers.
  • migraines appear to now be two-day affairs for me.
  • the ceremonial celebration of cake in digital teams (particularly in government) is nothing short of a new Eucharist. See also: Pizza.
  • there is a gravitational force involved in technology projects that inevitably brings everything back to the tech, even though that’s the bit that doesn’t cause the main failure.
  • Working Out Loud and suppressing the inner dialogue are probably two sides to the same coin.

OKR Progress:

  • CIO Priorities: new print run ordered and delivered; now in the hands of a few more people (both CIOs) for testing; new games added to the page; Session in next week with Adrian Wakefield to look at how it might work with his model; session in with Matt Desmier for the CMO set the week after.
  • Tech for non-Techies: Chris has made some progress on one of the sections, but otherwise this has been slow this week.
  • WB40 Live: Continuing to refine what it might be. “A day out with WB40” seems the most credible route. Thinking about organising an early expedition to the Design Museum as a trial run.
  • Continue to build the consulting business: a lovely lunch with PUSH, a couple of interesting conversations with AWA (both potential routes to market) and some opportunities for working more with Adam from The Treehouse.

The week in Photos:

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