Anti-confirmation bias

I, like many others, are fascinated by the concept of cognitive biases. It you want a catalogue of these shortcuts that the brain uses to make sense (often incorrectly) of the world around us, Rolf Dobelli's The Art of Thinking Clearly is highly recommended - although be warned that by the end of reading it you'll … Continue reading Anti-confirmation bias

New Turing Tests

In conversation yesterday I realised that I've developed an occasional habit of defining alternatives to the Turing Test as ways of understanding quite how far away Artificial Intelligence really is. Here's the compilation... An observation that humans are getting quite good at being able to parse complete gibberish that is the result of "AI" autocorrect … Continue reading New Turing Tests

When I grow up I want to be a science

The hope here is that HR can empower organisations with robust tech and data to turn the art of people management into a science Perusing an article from HR Magazine yesterday about the impact that technology is having on the HR industry, I started to wonder what it is that people really mean when they say that … Continue reading When I grow up I want to be a science

Top Ten Posts of 2016

Time for more of the old reflective stuff. Sing-a-long with your own favourite chart countdown music in your head... 10. The Money Siphon A bit of a swipe at the tech startup investment world inspired by reading my book of the year, Dan Lyon's Disrupted. 9. Digital poster children And, as it happens, another bit of a … Continue reading Top Ten Posts of 2016

Five things I have learned in 2016

(Photo: New Year, Icelandic Style) It's that time of year to get all reflective about what the last twelve months has had to offer. And it's fair to say that 2016 has had more ups and downs than most. But rather stick my head in my hands and rock backwards and forwards until it all … Continue reading Five things I have learned in 2016

We are all suppliers now…

A couple of unrelated conversations in the past week... At the LEF executive forum event last week I heard the London Business School's Rob Goffee speak, and the one abiding memory is how he explored the idea that organisations need to move beyond the idea of employee engagement and motivation if organisations want to be … Continue reading We are all suppliers now…

Virtually reality

My esteemed former colleague Euan Semple published an interesting little video on YouTube yesterday. I think I've seen the "Ambulance Drone" clip before, but through my new-found PRTech lenses, I smelt something of a rat, and called it out. "Spoilsport" said Euan, quite rightly. For the record, Ambulance Drone was a design concept from a … Continue reading Virtually reality

Podcast Playlist 2016

I listen to a fair amount of podcast these days. Here's what my Podcast Player is shuffling through (I use BeyondPod, for the record)... Business & Economics StartUp Podcast The first of a few from New York-based Gimlet Media, Startup in its first season followed the trials and tribulations of setting up a podcasting company, in the second … Continue reading Podcast Playlist 2016

Freerange Gathering 1

Yesterday afternoon I happened to be meeting a chap, Jo, who helped to set up Mobile Monday, a community of people involved in the world of mobile technology (whatever the heck that means these days). Jo was recounting the work and effort involved in getting the group off the ground, and how much work there continued … Continue reading Freerange Gathering 1