It’s that time of year when people predict the year ahead. Strap in…

2018 will be pretty much the same as 2017. Some things will be different. Most of the things that are different will just be following a trend. A handful will be dramatically different.

The things that are following trends are the ones that people might be able to predict with any accuracy. Those predictions are very dull and won’t get much airtime. The dramatically different things are unpredictable. If people do successfully predict them this is what’s known as “luck”. These lucky prophets will be lauded until their luck runs out.

Bitcoin will rise. Bitcoin will fall. Repeat. Actual rises, falls and repetitions are yet to be determined. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, no matter what tall twins might tell you.

Artificial Intelligence will continue to threaten to take your job. Refer to it as “Statistics” and feel less scared.

New technologies and concepts will emerge and enter into the infamous cycle of hype. Remember the cycle isn’t a guaranteed linear path to success. Remember 3D television.

Always reference the past. Always wear sunscreen.

People will continue to tell me that Google have undesirable amounts of data about us all. I will continue to tell them that Google still haven’t realised that when I land in the Netherlands I haven’t suddenly learned to speak Dutch.

There might be a General Election. Brexit will continue to dominate all political debate in the UK. It’s unlikely to get any clearer. Grab popcorn.

We will all continue to ask the question “He just did what?”. He might get impeached. He might press The Button. 

We will learn from what we decide we wish to learn from. We will choose to get upset about things on the same basis. 

But most of all, mostly, it will be pretty much the same. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you want to find out what other people are saying about the things that might change, the charming Paul Armstrong has done all the heavy lifting for us here.

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