Today’s coffee companion is a Chief Operating Officer for a scale-up company involved with mental health support.

We talked about:

  • The dismal state of UK politics
  • The challenges of rearing kids with ADHD
  • The strange lack of contentment amongst Western migrant workers in the Middle East
  • Country versus City living
  • American startups buying up industries with a very low ethical bar
  • The importance of working for an organisation with purpose
  • Whether things are worse these days, or just seem so because we have become more tolerant and open
  • How much fun it is to do things just to see what happens

There are still plenty of #100Coffees to go in 2023 – why not join me for one? More details here.

The Wi-Fi on this train isn’t up to doing the graphs, so stats fans will need to wait until the next episode for your fix.

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