This morning’s coffee companion is a wonderfully innovative individual.

We talked about:

  • what we have been up to since we last met
  • the value of unconstrained, agendaless conversations to generate serendipitous events
  • whether this conversation should count as a #100Coffees coffee or not
  • how coffee is a metaphor
  • the things that are currently being looked at by big organisations (cost saving and revenue, in particular)
  • a move from fixing ill health to promoting good health
  • The Peckham Experiment
  • how many times my companion might have walked past the building that was built as part of The Peckham Experiment
  • some of the amazing conversations that my companion has had through running something similar to #100Coffees

Why not sign up to have a coffee as part of this experiment? Sign up here.

Numerical update…

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