This afternoon’s coffee companion is a Learning & Development professional working from Canada.

We talked about:

  • learning about learning in the armed forces
  • the difference between corporate leadership and military leadership
  • how the class system reflects in the Officer structures in the British military
  • how long it takes to train engineers in the air force
  • the work of Harold Jarche and Dave Snowden
  • how there isn’t a platform to support the process of building learning interventions
  • the potential for applying AI in the world of human learning
  • how you learn to hold an audience when you are delivering training
  • how damn exhausting delivering training can be
  • the apparent paradox of introverts who are happy on stage

If you’d like to take part in the #100Coffees experiment, there are still plenty of people to go before I make the century – find out more here.

Once more with stats..

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