This morning’s coffee companion is a television news journalist. We last saw one another at Loughborough University some 3 decades ago.

We talked about how it’s totally impossible that 3 decades have passed since we last met.

We also talked about how much technology has changed journalism in our working lifetimes, both in terms of doing the work and distributing the content. We talked about the challenges of getting people back into offices, or changing how they work so they don’t need to do so.

We talked about what a set of performance objectives might look like for a television newsreader. I marvelled as his ability to do his job whilst simultaneously listening in to what’s going on in the production gallery. Apparently this talent is also really useful at parties.

We discovered a mutual contact for the strangest of reasons. We talked about how news channels are now brands not TV stations.

We talked about creating serendipity, and the aims of this #100Coffees exercise. We talked about a business that runs TV newsroom experience days for teams as an alternative to outwards bound type things.

We talked about the way in which podcasting allows me to scratch the itch of creating audio, and our shared love of radio as a medium. We wondered if the pills that have offered a miracle cure to his elderly dog is something we should all be prescribed.

It was thoroughly nice to catch up after such a long time, and we vowed to not let it be such a long time again the next time we do it.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

The current dashboard, for all you dashboard junkies.

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