A couple more virtual (and tea-based) coffee catch-ups today to close off the first week back at work in 2023.

The first was with a colleague based in the Manchester office. We talked about how we might as an organisation introduce more Service Design and User Centred Design work into what we do with clients, and how to do that whilst staying true to the roots of Equal Experts as a business that provides software engineering excellence.

I bounced one of the ideas from yesterday’s coffee that the worlds of technology and enterprise architecture might be closer to the world of Product and Design than some might at first think (all about being the conduit between people who need things and people who build things). And we also talked about a particular opportunity with a Government department for which we might pitch.

The second was with a technology leader who has just emerged from the housing sector. We talked about our experiences of working in running technology for housing associations and how we are both quite glad to be looking at new sectors.

We also talked about recruitment processes and how one gets to a certain age and when you stop trying to do interviews by thinking about what the organisation you are talking to might want to hear and instead start to talk about what you actually think they should do. If as a result, they see you as negative, it’s a good way to qualify out a potential job opportunity!

Another theme that came up which was also in my very first #100coffee and was that of finding out about neurodiversity and being diagnosed later in life. There are a lot of us kids from the 70s and 80s for whom there was no such thing as neurodiversity at school, just disruptive or eccentric or “lively” kids. The ones from affluent backgrounds may have done alright, but it was then a very different story for those from less advantaged homes. We pondered on whether that latter point has really changed that much.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

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