I know that it’s not yet technically 2023, but it’s a relatively quiet week and so yesterday I popped into a local cafe to meet with an old connection to have the first of 100 (at least) coffees for the year ahead.

It was a wide-ranging and thoroughly enjoyable conversation. We spoke about the changing nature of cyber and information security skills, and the importance of security specialists who see themselves as enablers rather than gatekeepers.

We explored the challenges of delivering meaningful change in the public sector. How we are both systems thinkers and how that shapes our view of the world. On how important purpose can be in motivating people in organisations.

We also chatted about diversity, inclusion and equity, and how important that latter point is but how hard it can be to explore for fear of making people uncomfortable. And the impact of a neurodiverse diagnosis later in life and how important it is for “out” ND role models in the world of work.

All that in about 80 minutes.

I’m looking forward to the next 99.

(If you’d like to catch up for a coffee, tea or other beverage of your choice in 2023, just drop me a line at matt.ballantine@equalexperts.com or on Twitter or Mastodon).

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