Yes, that’s not coffee. It’s jasmine tea. I said from the outset that other beverages were available.

Today’s beverage came after a lovely Chinese meal in Paddington. The conversation was another thriller:

My companion is currently working transforming an electoral authority, running national government elections. The scaling challenges are mind-blowing- usually the authority have around 700 staff. But every four or so years, for six weeks, they scale up to over 100,000.

We also talked about the challenges of managing risk in the public sector, and of finding the skills and capabilities necessary for managing technology. That latter point in particular when staffing decisions aren’t factored into decisions about what technology platforms to use.

That’s the 2022 warm up for #100Coffees done. The project starts in earnest in the new year.

If you fancy catching up for a coffee, tea or other excuse for a good chat, drop me a line at

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