And so the experiment gets properly underway.

A fascinating and broad-ranging conversation with a technology architect this morning where we covered a whole load of things. Another tea and this was the first virtual (Zoom-based) session.

I picked up on the Enterprise Architecture on a Page initiative ( which has used some proper research to understand what EA artefacts are created by organisations, where they sit on an IT/Business focus continuum, how they are classified in terms of setting rules, providing structure or enabling change, and which are actually used in anger. Having done various forms of Technology Architecture over the years, this looks like a really useful analysis.

We talked about the split between Product and Engineering, and how much of the work of technology architecture is often trying to achieve the same outcomes and Product people (translating needs and wants into things engineers and designers can build). This also got me thinking yet again about the Freudian concept of the Narcissism of Small Differences and how often it crops up within teams in organisations.

We explored the impact of being made redundant on how you think about yourself and your own capabilities. We talked about how state-owned telecom companies often have “global” businesses which are mostly there to support ex-pat businesses overseas.

Oh, and I worked out why I have, every so often, found my Apple Pencil working as an eraser on screen rather than as a pen. Apparently, if you double-tap the Pencil it changes its function. Every day is a school day!

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

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